Seen a bird flying ! How majestic it looks! The wings spread gracefully  in the air with the  head held high  and the movement elegant than we can imagine.


IMG_4268 Flying Swan

Aren’t our thoughts similar and exhibit the same pattern of flying if pursued and dwelt into!

Every thought that originates in our mind has its own life and intensity. Depending on the nature of the  thought either it finds its place in the outer world or dies on its own without getting noticed. Some of these are really exquisite,whereas some have selfish desires draped around.

The ones which are nobler if  focused give wonderful and positive results. One has to really ponder hard to execute them in a proper way for perfect results.

Every flight of a thought goes up in the air to seek and touch the highest point but rarely does a thought touches the infinite peak,when it does it is purely pristine and finds its own way into the world of existence.Many end up in flights which even struggle with the early stages of flying,the ones which do not have conviction as its basic strength and which gets lost in the free air of freedom .

Every thought of our mind  has a power stored within its frame,as soon as it is released the thought in shape of a recoil releases certain energy which helps in giving the thought a birth with life in the universe.



If there is a negative thought and it is as stronger as the positive one,it too releases the same amount of negative energy into the atmosphere thereby harming the person and the ones around him.

That is why ,it is always said to have good thoughts about oneself and others . It is forever advised to be aware of the negative effects of our thoughts,which do have a bad effect on ourselves.

Thoughts are the birds 

flying free in the air,

guide them towards the

best destination,

else they get  hit

on their way and fall off the cliff !

18 thoughts on “OUR THOUGHTS !

  1. I’m a great believer in thoughts effecting our world far more than we really imagine! I read a wonderful little old book when I was 21 that taught me so well on that subject. Thoughts Are Things by Prentice Mulford. It changed my thinking forever! His books are difficult to find in England, so I feel very privileged that my dad gave me his copy that he had read as a young man.

    He was a very wise man Prentice Mulford! A writer of the late 1800’s, his essays are well worth a read and can be found free to view on many websites. But maybe you have already heard of him if you have this kind of thinking? 😀

    1. Thanks Suzy for such a wonderful sharing of your view and also about your experience. No I haven’t heard of the writer nor have read the book,might be I have missed a precious one! These are my thoughts which I have been able to read thoroughly over the years … Somethings you learn on your own when life takes you through many bends and corners.. Many instances and self introspection gives us conclusion about these things as such. BUt Iam really happy to know about the book,might be I will ever come across it,I would be eager to read that!

  2. Such a gem of a post ! And, by now, you must be knowing that my name in Persian means eagle/falcon! Lol. But, of course, the eagle/bird in your post is far alluring then the ‘Shaheen’ (eagle!).

    Here is a couplet by poet Allama Iqbal:

    “Prindon Ki Dunya Ka Dervaish Hun Mein
    Ke Shaheen Banata Nahin Ashiyana.”

    Your words of wisdom, humanity, love and compassion are like ‘Gauhar e yakdana’, (rare pearl), through which we are rather fortunate to be graced by your mind and heart, meri dost. Lage raho.

    1. Wow! what elegantly you express the beautiful phrase .. My words are mere my expressions dear and you really make them more precious as pearls as you delve deep and observe the minute things..

  3. Very Nice post.
    Our words, Our dreams, and Our thoughts have power to create conditions in Our life. What we speak about, we can bring about. We should turn Our thoughts and conversations around to be more positive and power packed with faith, hope, love and action.
    Watch our Thoughts, they become words.
    Watch our words, they become actions
    Watch our actions, they become habits.
    Watch our Habits, they become character.
    Watch our Character, for it becomes our Destiny.

    1. Thanks a lot ! Indeed it is our thoughts who are responsible for everything rest that follows it and then falls in place., Thanks for your wonderful lines too in support of my post!

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