Gadgets diminish us!

With the advanced technologies now at our fingertips,we have diminished the use of the power of our thoughts and ideas! Earlier even to calculate a simple arithmetic sum or totaling the money to be paid to the local shopkeeper ,we used to efficiently exercise our brains to get the perfect answer in few seconds. While on a trip to the nearby hill station or a resort we just knew how much time will it take for us to reach there prior to our lunch or dinner and how efficiently our engine will work for the consumption of the fuel!

The sense of direction also was very alert without any gadgets to guide us which way we are heading for?

The height of our imaginative ideas depended on the thoughts that our mind used to generate and frame.To create a design or to write an article,to present something or gift a person,to meet someone or how to converse,it all based on the thoughts of our brain .

Today it all depends on the mini gadgets that we own and proudly show. The possession of these gadgets is a sign of prosperity and modernity nowadays.To be connected 24×7 with everyone in the world whether you know the person or not,is definitely in..the cool one!

To use the technologies to the extreme case of using it even for suggestions is also applauded.

Nevertheless these advanced and technically position gadgets are useful to every extent and help us in providing pace to your life .They ease the pressure of working and have more precision in the solutions,but they have with the time reduced the power f thinking. The power which we used to be proud of sometime is now gradually becoming zero and it wont be long when it will go under the 0 level.


Ask a young person from the new generation anything and the first instance the person will say ,I will google it and find! Right! IT is good to find new things and get the information,but haven’t you learned anything since the last so many years or haven’t to noticed around ?The art of learning through observation is a rare one now,as hardly people observe each others behavior or their surroundings.The things that get noticed are the attires,the appearance,the persona,the physical disposition.

While claiming to be in love,it takes seconds for anyone to sms or ping a person and let her/him know about the feelings .The thought of pondering over the decision or the action whether it is right or wrong,or justified is now virtually invisible. Actions are without thoughts and thoughts never get generated due to over obsession of electronic gadgets around us.

To think on something is to have an idea about it not by logic but from the heart. Sometimes facts written in books and logic shown in proofs aren’t right or sufficient enough to take any correct decision then we listen to the voice of our mind and heart. Due to the preoccupied mind nowadays the heart seems to have lost its way . It gets astray and abandoned on slight pretext.

The gadgets nevertheless of much use in a  progress are somehow amputating the power of our thoughts and hence diminishing our unique existence!

The best way is to use these technological instruments for a purpose along with proper utilization of our brain and thoughts to ensure,we don’t remain as mere puppets in the buttons of the advanced technology.


Feel the Happiness!

“Happiness is a  gem rarely found ,even when within, we go searching for it in the world around”

Sounds true,for rarely do we find anyone happy here.Does that mean we have lost the sense of being happy or have we  lost happiness forever?

Neither of it, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder such is happiness which lies in the soul of a contended soul. Being contented isn’t easy ans doesn’t mean to sit idle and be happy in whatever we have. It is the quality of having a peace of mind with the present ,the art of living ,appreciating the present moment and valuing its importance.


Various are the causes to remain sad and unhappy,from a small reason of not possessing some thing to the big ones of losing anyone,or money ,the pressure in a job,or the stress of handling problems.

Is it then that we don’t have an ounce of happiness in our lives even for a moment in a day?

Remember when you last smiled flawlessly without any intention or a provoked laughter?

Few obscene jokes ,some minutes to criticize the rest of world or having a laugh at another subordinate cannot be any reason to happiness.It is a mere way of satisfying self that people are in more  bad condition  than you or convincing yourself you are at least better in some aspect. A cruel mockery!

A genuine smile always reflects from a feeling of happiness ,it can be for an instant or for a moment. The effect of it remains for hours.

Ever noticed a flower dangling form a branch near your place.Ever stared at it and noticed it seems to smile endlessly without any reason.Try gazing at it for few minutes leaving aside the world ,you will find yourself smiling without any reason.

Ever saw the sprinkling water from the sprinklers over the grass,the drops look like pearls priceless on the carpet of the lawns..The sense of touching the water and having a drop on your hand shall bring a smile instantly.The happiness prevails in such small things.More So ever when we forget the world around us and just listen to our heart.For the time when our mind stops bothering us with its thoughts,we try to live from our heart. to really get touched and realized from the core of the soul ,we get connected to each and everything around us and try to find happiness in everything.


A smile of a child, a fluttering butterfly, an ice cream cone, a gush of wind blowing out our hair, the waves of the sea,

the smell of a delicious dish, the look of your love,

the eyes of your pet,the droplets of water from the balcony on a rainy morning,

the clouds moving,

the scribbling of your little one anywhere in colors,the favorite music…anything bring a smile on your face.

There are innumerable reasons around us which can give us immense happiness once we try to observe and realize their value .

An insight of appreciating  gestures , forgetting few mistakes happening around, letting go the downs and the mental pressures for few moments ,forgetting old sour memories, forgiving any harsh behavior ,enjoying the lighter and minute instants of life would sprinkle few drops of happiness in your heart which will surely be fragrant .

But did you had time to notice this small things ever…

WE lost the moments to see these precious things and we lost our happiness there and then itself.Every moment we have happiness around us and we lose the sense of realizing it getting into the depths of the sadness never to be able  to get out of that again.

By shredding the layers of dust that has polluted our minds and blurred our vision ,if we live with pure thoughts and simple gestures,life would be more simpler and happiness will not be a step away !



Who is a writer! what makes a person a better and a perfect writer?

A writer can be an author, a poet, a playwright,a composer ,in fact there are several facades of this personality.



One who sees the world through a different set of eyes ,who has the depth to get the deep insight of everyone’s life can  be able to sketch a perfect figure in form of words. Writing is a different kind of profession than being a writer.

A person who can visualize and feel the intricacies of human behavior,character and nature shall be able to portray the real character in words . To know life and its beauty felt in every drop in the essence of nature around  helps in creating the most brilliant and mystical writings.

The compassion of human nature ,the plight and the vulnerability of relations if felt distinctly,a writer can perfectly render the feelings into the verse,story or a novel.The characters of his novel are surreal ,whom he has come across somewhere in a lifetime. Knowingly or unknowingly he  etched the  character in his mind. The feelings which he has experienced in his life reflect the poignancy in his writing.

A true poet is known as someone who writes his heart out and about things that he has experienced .Such creations tend to touch the heart more delicately and intensely . The reader gets involved personally into the imaginary world of such a story and feels the tenderness that lies behind the lines.



Playwrights who write family dramas , epics, or about social conditions,create awareness in the society through their work.The myths ,history,traditions everything has larger than life characters in it,which are full of heroic tales. A drama,a dialogue.a conversation a novel can be created on basis of the society in which we live.

The writer in every sense has a greater responsibility towards mankind,for his words will be like the darts which shall hit and cannot be retrieved back.Hence he should be very careful in projecting an image of life in such a way that it touches the heart of everyone without hurting feelings of either.

Some pursue this as a hobby ,some have a passion for it,few have the flair of writing things,many are indulged because they feel they can change the world through it.Every writer is different in his respect and has a specific aspect in which he rules and shines. The glory of being a writer is when he is able to spread a smile on a sulking face, kindle a flame of positiveness in the lost disappointed heart, inspire a dreary soul to walk again, motivate a life who is entangled in web of inferiority complex, extracts the love out of a stone hearted person, instills compassion in every one who reads his lines, spreads happiness in the nature and echoes divinity in his every creation.



Let me make clear I am not talking about the writers who are professional and work as journalists or reporters  or do their duty to let the society know about the latest news or create awareness by providing the minute details of everything.

I have here included only about those who are from  an artistic world,who think they have the ability to paint a world out of their dreams with their words .

Howsoever a person is literate,it doesn’t give him the license to be a good writer unless he has the compassion of seeing things with depth. A formal training in writing cannot create one when he lacks the subtle range of thoughts and realization of things around him.This does not imply that great literates aren’t good writers. Writing extrudes the best of a person and he becomes a good / a talented  /a perfect /  an exceptional or a true writer.

A great and a true writer is born with a talent ,a gift from god which when harnessed sparkles like a gem.

P.S  I have  used common gender representing the writer to avoid misinterpretation and confusion.


Iam happy to see you all enjoying this new blog of mine which gets a wonderful response whenever I post about anything here. The blog is a diary which has random thoughts contemplated and written.Thanks to everyone for liking the thoughts of mind.

It crossed the mark of 200 likes  for this new blog.



My heartiest thanks to each and everyone who reads and plays a part in inspiring me by their presence.



Virtue of being yourself






Ever thought how it feels when you act as someone else or try to pose as a different person for a while in situations where you feel you would be noticed by doing such acts!

What is the reason for a person to imitate or copy another or behave in a different manner than his own?

The insecurity of losing one‘s identity, the complex of being inferior to another one often leads to such a disastrous behavior. The artificial disposition that shrouds the true inner self often gets sometimes so dominating that it indeed forgets that it is just an imposition for a while.

The real self is lost in the way of posing as another one. The shell outside becomes so artificial that it neither allows anyone to penetrate inside nor it gives a true reflection of self. In this process lot many relations, friendships, acquaintances get lost for the rough or so called unnatural exterior.

Sometimes for the sake of being too good, sometimes for the reason of not allowing anyone to intrude through, the contrived usually feels happy initially for succeeding in his/her mission, but later on when the circumstances change, when the time comes to reveal hi true self, nobody believes his real behavior. For everyone is already habituated with the early manner of behavior, the contradiction makes them confused and people often wonder which one is true!

The nature or the wish to be your true self depends on the volition of your thoughts and the conviction in self. Self confidence and faith in self does not allow at anytime behaving as someone different. You talk with your conscience in a way to know which the best option of reaction is or disposition. The heart speaks out and you listen. The way of communicating with one’s conscience leads to greater success as there is neither chance of being an impostor nor any fear of crumbling the outside created wall.







The virtue of being your true self is a rare one and is developed by believing in self. The surroundings do not change the attitude of a person neither the stature due to which an inherent glow is always there in the persona which tends to attract everyone. The sparkle of the eyes speaks for itself, whether a person is being himself or trying to pose as eyes speak the truth without saying.

When one ceases to fear the results or the outcomes of anything and feels confident about the capability of self and is contended about his action then the virtue of being yourself shines and graces the individual taking him miles on his path chosen.