Something came to my mind and I scribbled it on the paper!

Later when I had the full flow of thoughts ,I sat on the computer to perfectly envisage the theme about which I was thinking!

Wonder what I am trying to say!

Remember the days when we wrote everything with a pen and paper ! Precious they were, for the words seemed to flow directly through the-ink of the  hands of the writer, lover,friend,parent,teacher,student or colleague!

Whether you believe or not,our handwriting speaks about us! The way we write gives a clear picture of the state of our mind! The confusion,irritation,helplessness or happiness everything is revealed through the way we write.Not by the way we structure our sentences but the way  our handwriting appears then!

Characteristics of handwriting include:

  • specific shape of letters
  • regular or irregular spacing between letters
  • the slope of the letters
  • the pressure to the paper
  • the average size of letters

We have heard about the study of handwriting ie Graphology which gives us a certain idea about the thinking , health related issues and also about the psychology of the individual . But  you know the state of mind of an individual also reflects in the handwriting!

Lets see here .I tried to write the same sentence in my  different moods,the result is as simple!



  1. The first one is the way I used to write in my childhood days,yet I haven’t forgotten the way I wrote then,just that I have lost the focus and concentration needed in writing those letters perfectly now.
  2. The second one is my normal writing ,which I usually use! Speaks about the interest and the flair I have for everything in life!
  3. The third one is when Iam in a hurry or restless state of mind.
  4. The last one is when Iam totally irritated or tired or have no interest in the subject of writing then.

So next time when we see a person writing differently than  his  typical trait,we know there has to be something going on in the thought process! The nature of the individual too can be read through his/her handwriting!

The days when someone used to write letters of love to one another,it was quite easy to understand and realize the feelings of the heart not because of the fanciful and dreamy words used but for the writing that directly got connected to the other person. Nowadays when we see people interacting through internet ,through mails ,sms,there is no difference in a mail sent as a personal message or an official note or notice besides its format and few usage of words! The same set of words when handwritten create definitely different and  a touching effect!

In the progress of technology ,we have lost the touch of that connection and perception!

For a change try writing a note to someone you love,you care about or just few thoughts of yours  with  a pen /pencil  with your natural handwriting,it would definitely speak more!


  1. So true!!! I have noticed this too!! I’ve also written things when I am perfectly happy!! It does speaks a lot!!! Good one!!!

  2. Very interesting post… 🙂

    I believe our handwriting tells a lot about us too – but I wonder how about these people who writes with both hands, like myself..?

    The reason is, that I’m from start was left-handed, but at that time for teachers it meant it was a “out of order” thing to do – so I had to learn writing with my RIGHT-hand too – years ago I broke my right arm – everybody who didn’t knew the story were very surprised, when I started writing left-handed again as nothing was happened even over 15 years were went by… 🙂

    1. Thank you Drake for reading this and sharing your experience. Indeed it is an exception when it comes to people like you 🙂 and also for some more . it is great to know that you can write with both hands.. already a genius ,so I dn’t need to analyse your writing! 😉

  3. Kya baat karte ho 🙂
    Handwriting personality ? Intriguing thought. And I have come across those who fervently believe in the correlation. But seriously, is it even possible ?

    1. Yes ! Possible as our brain or the mind controls our entire nervous system due to flow of blood and through other signals,it triggers or communicates through as per the state of mind..The co ordination of hand and brain then make sus write which we are able to see in form of writing. Hence a difference or a triggered emotional mindset can be read through the writing

  4. Loved the post. Couldn’t agree with you more. Handwritten letters, journals, notes etc. They have a charm of their own. I still treasure my X std handwritten notes. And I love sending and receiving handwritten letters.

    I have a thing for fountain pens too. May be its the same with you.

    P.S. – Sorry I am unable to like your posts, Damn! they’ve blocked WordPress in office. *Angry* 😦 😦

    1. Thanks Allwin… and its ok.
      Yes the yesteryears of pen and the fond of having a classic pen used to be a delight ,for it meant to touch our hearts directly… as if the ink that flowed from the pens into our words was really a part of us..

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