The yearning for learning should never die !

Every moment in our life we observe and learn to evolve more and more, the moment we cease to learn, we stop growing and living. A person whether a millionaire or a pauper, a farmer or an intellectual has something to offer , which can be learnt .

Even a small child teaches us the way of living life with an innocent smile. We often tend to assume that after a certain age or after attaining higher education, we have become intellectuals and perfectionists,whereas the process of learning is never ending.

No one is perfect in this world and the strive to become one is the way of living life.

A poor peasant has something in his nature which we all should inculcate, the endurance and patience in which he works for the whole day in scorching heat and excess rains throughout the year,without failing and losing hope, is something which people of this generation and many of us havent’t experienced or ever tried to learn. His will to continuously struggle inspite of the unseen havocs of nature is firm and he remains determined.

Where are these virtues to be seen in individuals today? No school or university or any centre of education will make you realize such small yet important factors and values of life. It’s the life which teaches.

Always keep your eyes open to the surroundings and observe.

The yearning for learning should never die!


Dolphins! Can we spare them?

Since centuries human race has been selfish and self centred, although the early stone age was bit different. But as the human mind evolved and the brain started developing more and more, alongwith the advancement of science and technology, a hidden curse too got carried.

The curse of being selfish.

In the name of science and knowledge, this human race has exploited several gifts of nature in every way to get itself benefited. What is shocking is ,still the exploitation continues.

Luxury at the price of wiping out the nature around or at the cost of misbalancing the environment to meet ends.

When shall this stop, will it ever?

Whether it is a person, organization, government , country or continent all have misused the natural gift which was available in bounty.

The most shocking news that I recently came across was use of Dolphins ,the water mammals in warfare!

We all know animals have been used and sacrificed in the name of inventions and tiny guinea pigs, frogs, fishes, monkeys have been their target till now.

But recently an article claimed that dolphins too were used in warfare during the Gulf War and also at many places during such times to locate mines, by the Americans.

Dolphin, an intelligent and sensitive animal being  misused by the human dirty minds is disgusting and wicked .

What surprises is the attitude of these governments who keep announcing and proclaiming the need to save the environ and maintain the balance whereas they themselves practice such methods to conclude their filthy means.

Due to their intelligence and presence of special sensory organs these animals are trained and deployed to remove or avoid the mines during invasion of Iraq in 2003.

During the Vietnam War ,it was claimed that dolphins were used in lethal “swimmer nullification programmes” their beaks fitted with needles to deliver fatal injections of CO2 gas to Vietcong divers.

There are several theories,perceptions and arguments about the use of Dolphins in warfare,but the fact remains how much shall we stoop down and shame ourselves by such acts of insanity and cruelty.


You can read the whole article by Philip Hoare in “The Views” supplement of the Gulf news dated 13th August 2014.



Yet another day ended with a series of events rather unimportant to discuss or notice. The boring routine of tasks always drove out my enthusiasm and kind of drained out all my energy.

I pulled a chair into the balcony to sit for a while before I returned to bed to end my day.

It was a cool night with the soft wind playing hide and seek with my tresses. It was going to be midnight soon and very few people were on the road as the next day was a working one.

I felt good, quite refreshing to absorb the silence left out by the absence of the random vehicles and was liking the mild fragrance, which had travelled from somewhere far off as I didn’t had any flowers or plants in my house.

Strangely the essence of the perfume does activate our senses and soothes them.

I loved being there in the open air, watching the stars and the peeping moon. Had I been a lover, I would have written verses of love seeing this luminescence. Or if I had been a scientist I would have loved going into the deep analogies and surface of the moon through books.

A working man never tends to observe such glimpses of beauty around him, for he is always preoccupied with stress and pressures of work.

A kid really would have enjoyed the scene singing few nursery rhymes about the moon.

On the other hand, an astrologer might have calculated the angle and position of the moon on the horoscopes’ chart ignoring the pious beauty which shone there high above.

Silently the silvery streak had vanished behind the clouds, waking me up from my thoughts.

Businessmen and industrialists hardly get time to notice such things which they consider to be natural and trivial.

Women are usually much busier during the nights when their kids and hubbies are at home, paying attention to their needs and some wrapping up the day after a long tedious time.

Few stuck to the television watching their favorite shows and enjoy the casting excitement.

Who then actually notices and sees the radiant beauty of the moon when it shines sparklingly in the depths of night? Who finds it to be a source of inspiration for love and life?

Who realizes the worth and the grace of watching it slowly dancing amidst the stars?

Had it been the last day of the moon in our skies and in this universe, will it matter to anyone to spare a few minutes for the gracious view?

Or had it been the last night of your life, do you feel you would have thought  about the  missed moments and would have liked  to capture the remaining moments in the vision of your heart?





Do you find any similarity between you and the person sitting in another corner of the world? Is the person who follows a certain religion is of different species, than the one who believes in another religion?Does the colour of the skin change the fact that we all aren’t of the same human race?
Does the man who is sitting and enjoying quietly with his family in the  East makes him different or inferior than someone who is sitting in another corner of the world?

Then why is thou humanity ?where is thou compassion?

Well! Is this supposed to be the life for a human being who takes  birth after millions of other births starting from a jelly fish and then finally getting evolved as a human?

The answer lies within.

After going through the cycle of evolution,we as humans should have learnt many lessons from our previous species. The steady change and the uniform one was supposed to make us more defined ,more refined.Instead we chose to carry forth the instincts of the animals that we had been once,instead of eradicating those cannibalistic dispositions.

A larger goal and aim lies ahead for us as a part of the human race,but instead we divided the mankind into several parts as castes,creed,religion,nations,gender which did no good to us nor helped us in anyway. For the sake of making it easier to distinguish people from various regions and countries ,for our convenience the earth got divided into various ruling governing systems.But it all happened on paper,on the maps and not on the actual lands.

You cannot tell a river that it belongs to one country and shouldn’t be flowing into another. Nor can you stop the winds blowing from one place to another.

The animals ,birds too are free to have a place of their own without paying any attention to these narrow divisions.Its only the intellectual man who understand s the real bifurcation.

It indeed is penetrated hard into his mind,that we are different ,we belong to different place and so behaves indifferently.

A place of worship if ever is in shape of a temple,mosque,church, synagogue…The one whom we pray to there is the same.

But Alas!

Equality is lost.Humanity is lost here.

There is nothing on this earth that will ever bind the mankind together.

Might be a catastrophe on the planet shall make all realize,that we all are same inhabitants of this earth!