Do you find any similarity between you and the person sitting in another corner of the world? Is the person who follows a certain religion is of different species, than the one who believes in another religion?Does the colour of the skin change the fact that we all aren’t of the same human race?
Does the man who is sitting and enjoying quietly with his family in the  East makes him different or inferior than someone who is sitting in another corner of the world?

Then why is thou humanity ?where is thou compassion?

Well! Is this supposed to be the life for a human being who takes  birth after millions of other births starting from a jelly fish and then finally getting evolved as a human?

The answer lies within.

After going through the cycle of evolution,we as humans should have learnt many lessons from our previous species. The steady change and the uniform one was supposed to make us more defined ,more refined.Instead we chose to carry forth the instincts of the animals that we had been once,instead of eradicating those cannibalistic dispositions.

A larger goal and aim lies ahead for us as a part of the human race,but instead we divided the mankind into several parts as castes,creed,religion,nations,gender which did no good to us nor helped us in anyway. For the sake of making it easier to distinguish people from various regions and countries ,for our convenience the earth got divided into various ruling governing systems.But it all happened on paper,on the maps and not on the actual lands.

You cannot tell a river that it belongs to one country and shouldn’t be flowing into another. Nor can you stop the winds blowing from one place to another.

The animals ,birds too are free to have a place of their own without paying any attention to these narrow divisions.Its only the intellectual man who understand s the real bifurcation.

It indeed is penetrated hard into his mind,that we are different ,we belong to different place and so behaves indifferently.

A place of worship if ever is in shape of a temple,mosque,church, synagogue…The one whom we pray to there is the same.

But Alas!

Equality is lost.Humanity is lost here.

There is nothing on this earth that will ever bind the mankind together.

Might be a catastrophe on the planet shall make all realize,that we all are same inhabitants of this earth!

21 thoughts on “EQUALITY IN HUMANITY

  1. Just like we Indian unite against an outside attack, an alien attack would be sufficient to unite the world for the first time. But, it seems even aliens are not considering this as a fun plan. Jokes aside, your post made me think about this essay by Charles Ariem in which he talked about how we are so engorssed in our lives so much that only 17% of people are really interetsed in coming to know of another culture or meeting a fellow human from another part of the globe. Now that survey is debatable but it makes us think, definitely. Nice post.

    1. Iam surely encouraged by the way you compared it with an article by a great writer. We indeed come across certain thoughts ,questions in mind why this? and why not? we have solutions ,sometimes we haven’t but the pity is many people just keep on moving as if they are robots and machines not having amind of their own nor any exitence of other humans around them..how narrow minded we have become! Thank you Manu for being here

  2. Very inspirational. Yes, the answer does lie within. But how many of us care to look and search there? What is it that holds our awareness away from looking inside? What could we do to regain our humanity and compassion.

    In a somewhat different context, I looked at all that is happening in today’s world to move us away from Humanity and Compassion. And came up with this post.




    1. Thank you Shakti! Its at least some relief to know there are people who do care about it,even if very less like us ,who think alike and have the thought of expressing and pondering over it!

  3. Excellent Inspirational post. Great view. Where Humanity exists Equality prevails, in fact.
    The sentence written in the passage :::
    “You cannot tell a river that it belongs to one country and shouldn’t be flowing into another. Nor can you stop the winds blowing from one place to another” is true to every word.

    Nature hates monopolies and knows no exception. It has always some leveling agency that puts the over bearing, the strong, the rich, the fortunate substantially on the same ground with all others. GOD brought us on to this land with all wonderful nature created. and that destiny is a mystery.
    Humans have the fundamental right to Freedom Equality and Adequate condition of life.

    1. Iam really thankful that you went through this post and did share your valuable opinion. Indeed the greatest godgift is the life given to a man as human. And if we look through that perspective we all seem to be so narrow minded mean people,who for the sake of our greediness,selfish motives and self obsessed intentions divided the world of wonderful nature into many divisions. And over the years,mankind has forgotten its original roots and destination…

  4. For this world to know equality. Would take a miracle. USA uses 40% of the energy and spend more then the complete world on war. The great powers in our world do not want equal pay and living conditions. But it is a two-sided coin. I was in Honduras. A poor country. I seen women on Sunday walking house to house to insure they are food to eat. Wealthy countries had more hunger the the poor one’s.(Except parts of Africa.) 1 in 4 people go to bed hungry in the USA. Wealthy countries fear when the poor countries begin to gain wealth and knowledge. A very interesting blog. Open the door to a larger conversation.

    1. Iam extremely thankful JOhn,that you shared your experiences here.Its really so sad to see the world deteriorating to such an extent and the power is being misused by anyone and everyone ..in every corner of the world.Humanity is lost and has lost its value. Hope someday it regains its position and stature in the system of mankind.

      1. I hope we become wiser. Everyday another species of plant or animal is lost forever. One million dying of starvation and HIV in Africa. I pray for logic and common sense.

  5. He created them as Man N Woman. In a way, the very starting of creation itself happened in inequality 😛 😀 Just kidding. Sorry Soumya, equality; that’s a nonexistent entity. Bored with that concept even before I started to learn it. Absurd it is!

    My like’s for the concluding sentence. For, I did see equality only once in the piled up dead bodies after the tsunami disaster. 😦 😦

    1. Hmm! just becoz we haven’t seen that happen doesn’t mean ,we should never try for it! whatever is right,has to be right! If you believe in the thought enough like being a part to it.

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