Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!.

Light is an universal and eternal source which dispels darkness of any form!!


Basilica Cistern DSCF1954 DSCF2041 DSCF2131 DSCF2371 DSCF3146 IMG_2483 P1010079

Ignorance is darkness and every light that shines illuminates the way!

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Haven’t we all gone through this stage when we had to opt for the road that is less traveled?

What instances and conditions succumb us to make this decision is always interesting ,motivating or fascinating?

Often we like to traverse on the path where we see thousands of feet stamped over the loose dust and the one road that is left behind is always the one which is never tried,thought or imagined of being traveled through?Like the one in the forest,or the path down the hillock?

In life we come across such decisions which are taken abruptly instantly without a second thought for the sake of being done.

Some of them are right for the future and few are just not happening.

What makes us opt for such path ?

For any decision in life be it small or big,we need to be convinced in our self .We should trust the thought that makes the decision.

For a situation when there is a critical condition in life,we should weigh the pros and cons first.List the number of advantages and disadvantages of it. We should think,imagine and contemplate the situation before giving our voice. Prior to voice the decision ,we have to be fully convinced in what we are doing and once the decision is made,there should not be any looking back.Come what may,the fight and the struggle should take us beyond past every obstacle and then only our decision to go by the road less traveled will be fulfilled truly and successfully.

Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled.





Yet another day ended with a series of events rather unimportant to discuss or notice. The boring routine of tasks always drove out my enthusiasm and kind of drained out all my energy.

I pulled a chair into the balcony to sit for a while before I returned to bed to end my day.

It was a cool night with the soft wind playing hide and seek with my tresses. It was going to be midnight soon and very few people were on the road as the next day was a working one.

I felt good, quite refreshing to absorb the silence left out by the absence of the random vehicles and was liking the mild fragrance, which had travelled from somewhere far off as I didn’t had any flowers or plants in my house.

Strangely the essence of the perfume does activate our senses and soothes them.

I loved being there in the open air, watching the stars and the peeping moon. Had I been a lover, I would have written verses of love seeing this luminescence. Or if I had been a scientist I would have loved going into the deep analogies and surface of the moon through books.

A working man never tends to observe such glimpses of beauty around him, for he is always preoccupied with stress and pressures of work.

A kid really would have enjoyed the scene singing few nursery rhymes about the moon.

On the other hand, an astrologer might have calculated the angle and position of the moon on the horoscopes’ chart ignoring the pious beauty which shone there high above.

Silently the silvery streak had vanished behind the clouds, waking me up from my thoughts.

Businessmen and industrialists hardly get time to notice such things which they consider to be natural and trivial.

Women are usually much busier during the nights when their kids and hubbies are at home, paying attention to their needs and some wrapping up the day after a long tedious time.

Few stuck to the television watching their favorite shows and enjoy the casting excitement.

Who then actually notices and sees the radiant beauty of the moon when it shines sparklingly in the depths of night? Who finds it to be a source of inspiration for love and life?

Who realizes the worth and the grace of watching it slowly dancing amidst the stars?

Had it been the last day of the moon in our skies and in this universe, will it matter to anyone to spare a few minutes for the gracious view?

Or had it been the last night of your life, do you feel you would have thought  about the  missed moments and would have liked  to capture the remaining moments in the vision of your heart?





Three men walk into a bar belonging to different nationalities,order for the same drink!









P.S. We have everything in common our thoughts,feelings,choices,the pulse of life and color of blood,yet we discriminate , fight and kill !

Daily Prompt: Fill In the Blank.