Haven’t we all gone through this stage when we had to opt for the road that is less traveled?

What instances and conditions succumb us to make this decision is always interesting ,motivating or fascinating?

Often we like to traverse on the path where we see thousands of feet stamped over the loose dust and the one road that is left behind is always the one which is never tried,thought or imagined of being traveled through?Like the one in the forest,or the path down the hillock?

In life we come across such decisions which are taken abruptly instantly without a second thought for the sake of being done.

Some of them are right for the future and few are just not happening.

What makes us opt for such path ?

For any decision in life be it small or big,we need to be convinced in our self .We should trust the thought that makes the decision.

For a situation when there is a critical condition in life,we should weigh the pros and cons first.List the number of advantages and disadvantages of it. We should think,imagine and contemplate the situation before giving our voice. Prior to voice the decision ,we have to be fully convinced in what we are doing and once the decision is made,there should not be any looking back.Come what may,the fight and the struggle should take us beyond past every obstacle and then only our decision to go by the road less traveled will be fulfilled truly and successfully.

Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled.



  1. Loved this 🙂
    Loved your blog too…u now have yet another follower. Will vist ur other blogs soon enuf 🙂

    Ah….the road less traveled….only fools would take that road….they said
    a risk I’m willing to take for the thrill of it….I said
    Stares and Curses.
    Mockery and now an Outcast,
    I traveled on the road less traveled.
    I saw what few had and felt what few had
    I laughed at their conservative thinking,
    A Story I will tell to the further Generations 🙂 – Keerthan.S

    1. Thanks Keerthan for sharing your views and being here. Yes the road les traveled is often questioned and objected. Not everyone has the courage noer the determination to walk on this path which has not that enough experiences of everyone. Though it is the one which our heart guides us through. and thanks for those lovely words . Shall be on ur blog too soon.

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