Choosing a Life ….?

The life ahead…

What do we mean by choosing a life ahead? Is it really the career that we choose makes our life or paves our path?

WE all have umpteen options when we graduate from high school and then the burden of choosing a basic branch of academics hangs on us ,which is supposed to create or form our career!


If you are a student, parent, friend, child, every one passes through this stage of life.

Each one of us  has a different perspective when it comes to choosing A parent or a child will think differently depending on their own experience or interest. What is indeed necessary is the passion that allows or persuades you to choose that particular line or career.

A job without any love or passion for that kind of work will result in unenthusiastic persons, not so efficient employees with lesser performance at work due to increasing tension and stress due to loss of interest and likeness for that particular job.

Any work when done with a zeal or enthusiasm will always bring better outcome . So when it comes to choosing careers , we need to be most alert and open to all kinds and proceed with a line which is of greater interest and for which are ready to work relentlessly with full sincerity.

Next time , when a student thinks of choosing a career, think twice…

Listen to your heart… follow your dreams to fly high.

You will never repent or need to change your path in life ever because of choosing a wrong career.



Man thinking on a train journey.
Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be successful is what we all aspire!

Our dreams are unlimited and so are our desires.The never ending craving for possessing anything that we do not have is a natural human tendency.

Howsoever satisfied a person is, there are always innumerable wants .

The biggest and the greatest wish is of being successful. What is ” success” and why are we so much after it?

Does success means achieving a certain high-end ambition of life or reaching the topmost place of a Fortune 500 company or accumulating wealth which is sufficient enough for your next generations or is it the fame and name that makes you famous?

Each one of us is chasing one of this dreams.But this isn’t success.These are mere achievements.

Success can be defined as a work ,an action, a deed done with full fervor and zeal , as perfectly as you can to get the most desirable and ideal result.It involves the complete dedication of a person along with his sincerity and determination.

The role of confidence too has its part which helps the person to move on with enthusiasm even if there are situations that create negative effect.

Such a path traversed by anyone to the last with hope and belief leads to success.

It is not a position where you reach and be proud of,it is an achievement which you have earned through your continuous efforts.

The feeling of joy and happiness is then reflected through you and your work.

False sense of being successful is often created when you tend to get few good results with or without efforts and sometimes by mere co incidence.They are just good performances.

The real ladder to success is simple but based on steps and cannot be reached by getting on to an elevator directly.

As success brings along growth ,it is always better to follow certain steps and be successful in real terms rather than getting it temporarily.


  1. Be consistent and perfect in any kind of assignment.
  2. Be determined and sincere to your kind of work.
  3. Be passionate and love your work.Develop interest in the kind of job you are doing.
  4. Believe in yourself.
  5. Trust your intuition and not just business tactics.For the people you would be dealing with are also humans and have minds and hearts too. Business rules and methods look good in books whereas in reality, the thought process of every individual matters.
  6. Be alert and aware of every change around you at your workplace or the place where you are dealing .
  7. Co ordinate with other employees and always ensure if you have delegated any work ,whether it has been completed perfectly or not.Do not just leave the responsibility on others.
  8. Remain cheerful,tensions might bog you down,but a smile always brings solution.
  9. Stress can never complete your pending work neither can it help you in any way,so keep it away from yourself .
  10. Politics has never been good ,neither for the country nor for any organization. Expand your vision and your limits of thinking.
  11. Be humble .It always matters as you go higher and higher on each level ,it’s the humility which makes you liked by all and not your fame or money.
  12. Lastly strive till the last,a small hurdle or an obstacle won’t stop you from achieving success if you follow all the above ways.

Inculcate this into your way of working and into your nature.