Through the hourglass

Since ages, through the hourglass, time has witnessed change in the society, while  Darwin’s law taught us of human evolution with developing intelligence along with changed bodily structure, we are yet to completely learn ,soul too plays an important role in the history of evolution.

An invisible, unknown entity, whose abode is universe and innumerable galaxies where it dwells is yet to be understood by mankind,soul is considered to be the most important topic of research in recent years.

Metaphysics , a latest branch of science, speaks on such topics but tries to find logical reasoning behind the same.

Ancient mythology and scriptures had illumined us about this essential part of our life.

Without a Soul, a human has no life.A body even though a mechanism, remains devoid of life without the soul.

If the body is dead, then does the soul die?

Nay, it skips out of the human cage and bondage .Then,is the body lifeless, because without soul, the body has no meaning ? If so, then why does the body gets hurt in pain ,if it is devoid of life? Millions of questions can struggle inside our phenomenal brain mapping , yet we lose the thread of this eternal question.

Whatsoever the logical reasoning behind this, the fact remains:

The beauty of a soul lies in the acceptance of its existence. The kind of love , a sufi feels for his Divine , is realized only through the rooh/soul.He who sings in the darkness of life and glimpses the eternal light penetrating through the dark sky , manifests the Divine and its bliss.

“Kehta hai man , kar qubool har dua meri , ae khuda

teri rahmat mein chipi hai meri zindagi

naa karo qubool toh koi gila nahi

bas nazre inaayat karna, mujh par

ae khuda….

yahi iltazaa hai … har pal, har ghadi”.


Do you find any similarity between you and the person sitting in another corner of the world? Is the person who follows a certain religion is of different species, than the one who believes in another religion?Does the colour of the skin change the fact that we all aren’t of the same human race?
Does the man who is sitting and enjoying quietly with his family in the  East makes him different or inferior than someone who is sitting in another corner of the world?

Then why is thou humanity ?where is thou compassion?

Well! Is this supposed to be the life for a human being who takes  birth after millions of other births starting from a jelly fish and then finally getting evolved as a human?

The answer lies within.

After going through the cycle of evolution,we as humans should have learnt many lessons from our previous species. The steady change and the uniform one was supposed to make us more defined ,more refined.Instead we chose to carry forth the instincts of the animals that we had been once,instead of eradicating those cannibalistic dispositions.

A larger goal and aim lies ahead for us as a part of the human race,but instead we divided the mankind into several parts as castes,creed,religion,nations,gender which did no good to us nor helped us in anyway. For the sake of making it easier to distinguish people from various regions and countries ,for our convenience the earth got divided into various ruling governing systems.But it all happened on paper,on the maps and not on the actual lands.

You cannot tell a river that it belongs to one country and shouldn’t be flowing into another. Nor can you stop the winds blowing from one place to another.

The animals ,birds too are free to have a place of their own without paying any attention to these narrow divisions.Its only the intellectual man who understand s the real bifurcation.

It indeed is penetrated hard into his mind,that we are different ,we belong to different place and so behaves indifferently.

A place of worship if ever is in shape of a temple,mosque,church, synagogue…The one whom we pray to there is the same.

But Alas!

Equality is lost.Humanity is lost here.

There is nothing on this earth that will ever bind the mankind together.

Might be a catastrophe on the planet shall make all realize,that we all are same inhabitants of this earth!