Yet another day ended with a series of events rather unimportant to discuss or notice. The boring routine of tasks always drove out my enthusiasm and kind of drained out all my energy.

I pulled a chair into the balcony to sit for a while before I returned to bed to end my day.

It was a cool night with the soft wind playing hide and seek with my tresses. It was going to be midnight soon and very few people were on the road as the next day was a working one.

I felt good, quite refreshing to absorb the silence left out by the absence of the random vehicles and was liking the mild fragrance, which had travelled from somewhere far off as I didn’t had any flowers or plants in my house.

Strangely the essence of the perfume does activate our senses and soothes them.

I loved being there in the open air, watching the stars and the peeping moon. Had I been a lover, I would have written verses of love seeing this luminescence. Or if I had been a scientist I would have loved going into the deep analogies and surface of the moon through books.

A working man never tends to observe such glimpses of beauty around him, for he is always preoccupied with stress and pressures of work.

A kid really would have enjoyed the scene singing few nursery rhymes about the moon.

On the other hand, an astrologer might have calculated the angle and position of the moon on the horoscopes’ chart ignoring the pious beauty which shone there high above.

Silently the silvery streak had vanished behind the clouds, waking me up from my thoughts.

Businessmen and industrialists hardly get time to notice such things which they consider to be natural and trivial.

Women are usually much busier during the nights when their kids and hubbies are at home, paying attention to their needs and some wrapping up the day after a long tedious time.

Few stuck to the television watching their favorite shows and enjoy the casting excitement.

Who then actually notices and sees the radiant beauty of the moon when it shines sparklingly in the depths of night? Who finds it to be a source of inspiration for love and life?

Who realizes the worth and the grace of watching it slowly dancing amidst the stars?

Had it been the last day of the moon in our skies and in this universe, will it matter to anyone to spare a few minutes for the gracious view?

Or had it been the last night of your life, do you feel you would have thought  about the  missed moments and would have liked  to capture the remaining moments in the vision of your heart?





Three men walk into a bar belonging to different nationalities,order for the same drink!








P.S. We have everything in common our thoughts,feelings,choices,the pulse of life and color of blood,yet we discriminate , fight and kill !

Daily Prompt: Fill In the Blank.

“REPERCUSSION OF ITEM SONGS” – Listen to what a Mother says!

Here is the most debatable topic of today which has hit me too with its depth! We are all aware of the critical conditions of women living in India where every day there is news of rape or molestation many of which are not even reported.

Few days ago there was a general discussion going where people blamed the Indian cinema to be responsible for the ongoing situation of our country.

Obviously people from Bollywood did oppose this and gave a splendid explanation to it.

The look and the presentation of Indian cinema has changed a lot since its birth where in today it stands globally with movies getting released worldwide and having a wide audience all around the world. It has been 100 years of Indian cinema and there are numerous celebrations going on for it. For an audience which is spread internationally, there has to be something which appeals one and all to run the cost and to gain profits besides rendering art.

Our art segment which makes films different form the mainstream continually strives everyday to fight against the commercialization of art.

Art in any form if commercialized beyond the aesthetic sense appears vulgar. There is then no limit or borderline too such a creativity. Whether it should be termed as creativity or fantasy is a question really thinkable?

But never the less the way Indian movies have added item numbers or similar songs in the movies they seem to be very hungry for the attention of audience. As if without such songs it wasn’t possible to entertain the audience.

Leave aside the fact that entertainment can be anything and be of any type. We live in a free society and have freedom to watch anything or express myself. All these are mere reasons to convince self and not solid reasons to justify inclusion of such immoral acts.

We are free to choose what to see and what not, but our children and the teenagers do not have the same sense to distinguish what is right and wrong. Whether a movie gets an “A” certificate or and “UA” as parental guidance, the songs are very freely telecasted on channels available on television. The beats are catchy and the lyrics horribly vulgar, but due to these catchy tunes, they become the favorite of our children who are the primary viewers of TV nowadays. The age ranges from 2 to 16 yrs for after this age every child usually gets busier in his/her studies and concentrates more on career making or any other professional course or strives for a  normal way of living and survival.

I too enjoy the songs but with a fear in my mind what effect will this have on my son and my daughter who are going to be the responsible adults of tomorrow. Are we giving them good example of being a adult who will be morally right? Not that only these numbers are responsible for this, there are many umpteen reasons including the advertisements that are continuously shown on TV. But Iam considering just a single topic here!

Just watch these clips and realize what goes inside the mind of a child or a growing teenager when he watches this! No wonder there are enough songs available nowadays online and also on television.

There are endless different things catered too freely on the internet and elsewhere, but does that justify our liking for indecent immoral behavior of our children when they step out in this world and try to copy such acts .

No wonder cases will always increase in rape and molestation when this is what is seen by millions, who is always consider the actors to be their idols !

Be a actress gyrating to vulgar steps with a notorious gangster,or group of actors teasing and wooing a single girl in a song!

This crucial time or age where the child develops his intelligence ,steps out of innocence and sees the world with a new perspective gets to see this every time and everywhere around. He notices the glamour and the glitch behind remains hidden. He tries to copy the behavior  of the so called idols of India, the actors and stars.

For a teenager, for a child such an exposure is detrimental as it invokes a certain level of misconceived adulation inside for the immoral actions.

Many have often reason to say that we should be free with our children and should give them the basic education regarding the unspoken taboos. But is this the real education, that we need to impart to our children. It is not about the people who are watching and enjoying this as a form of entertainment but it is the children who are watching and getting influenced by such derogatory and explicit actions.

Every mother should worry about the situation this creates when her child watches such a song and enjoys it without knowing its actual meaning and repercussions. For the music is now defamed by usage of such lyrics and dance steps.

Earlier such dances were a part done by vamps and the heroines always had a cleaner image to present,but nowadays the female leads have become more crazier to get involved in these thereby confusing the young minds who until now believed good should be different form bad and hence idolized the good character of a film.

Remember cinema is the real image of society and society too is the real image of cinema. Both are equally responsible for the wrongdoings in the society and are answerable to every citizen of India.

Just to say that movies are  a part of entertainment and it is us who have to decide whether we like it or not, is a mere explanation and does not excuse the people from their responsibility.

Music has always been considered divine by us. The effect of the musical instruments or the vocals ,it has the power to heal the ill and to rejuvenate the dull minds. Our music has a wide range  to effect the minds and hearts of the audience of the world.

If only we could use better lyrics, presentable dances to make it more worthy, a small change can be a cause to save millions of more soft innocent minds from falling into ravines ! 

With due respect the the fraternity of Indian cinema ,I would like to ask everyone to think for a moment and realize!

P.S . I avoided posting pictures about the same ,as it meant I too provoked the audience by posting those scenes.

The discussion is endless but efforts are always worth trying to forbid the worse!




What and who represents your company? What is the distinct feature that makes your organization stand at a different level  higher than the rest?

Of course,your people,your staff and the management group that handles the  pattern,behavior,exposure,growth and  planning of your concern are the ones representing your firm.

The three level system consisting of  the lower management,the middle management and the senior management form the base of any company to run in a successful way.  It depends on the efficiency of the person in these levels and  also on the co-ordination of the employees among themselves.

An organization having people of great caliber and potentials can be at a loss if the people in that talk do not possess the quality of working together as a team and always are head on with every other person for any issue arising .

“A company hiring certain hard-core professionals out of a belief that  masters of  certain specialized areas will provide their company with  good solutions or find a way to  market their products globally or can enhance the output of their  production  is nevertheless like having a  dream “.

Every individual besides being a professional  is a person possessing  his own traits and behavioral pattern.This pattern should be compatible with the working methods of the system or should be  advantageous  to the company.If there has to be a change in the prevailing  format other than the one running in the  company, it will have certain frictions arising within the core,but not a collapse of the infrastructure.

Many organizations suddenly replace  their hired top  personnel out of a notion to accommodate the best talents available in the industry and still go around with losses in spite of having the best people with them.

“A degree of any specialized field will make one well versed with the nomenclature and thorough with the ideal ways of working that is explained in the books,but wont teach a person ,how to deal in certain situations of crisis which are unique and exceptional in every case irrespective of any country. The work experience ,the thought process , overall thinking and managing ability of the person shall endear  to the perfect solution.”

Remember what we had learnt in school is the basic knowledge,life taught us the real ways of living. So the ones who used to sit in the last benches of the school are top businessmen of our times, for they know the real art of running a company and have not stuck to any predefined written methods. They may hire excellent people to represent their company on certain levels and to know  the  views and suggestions of the so-called intellectuals.But remember the wisest of all always listens to the people around him , but  he does what his heart and mind proclaims.

For an organization to run smoothly  with success by achieving the profits and earning a repute , it is essential to have a combination of people  merging together and  blending the top brains with the wise heads and the excellent performers.

One who  cares  for the organization as much as he does for his career,the individual having a real connection for the company for which he is  working and who has  the sense of thinking alive in him to bring about the best from his team and their efforts is the one who can take the organization to a different strata. – 




What is needed is the sense of belonging , intelligence, dynamism in thoughts and behavior,ability to take and face risks,courage to accept challenges and the endurance to complete them along with a nature of a good human being,which when  summed can be the face of the company!



What fills the heart with a sense of satisfaction and contentment? What is it that spreads a smile onto our face?

Are they the achievements of our career or a promotion at our workplace?

Does a certificate of excellent performance brings an effortless grin onto your cheeks?

Will a certain amount of money won through lottery or a contest give you the sense of fulfillment?

Nevertheless none of the above can make this happen. Not  that we do not get happier with all these achievements ,but the real sense of satisfaction is not fulfilled through this.

The most minute and so-called unimportant things of our life ,which we have put down on our priority list make us more happy and create a wonderful feeling of happiness.

The little things are very tiny in nature and hardly require any monetary investment nor do they need any judgement.

They are the things we love to do,irrespective of the way they have been accomplished.

An air of freedom prevails then which makes us lighter and we really want to afloat high.As there is no one to judge about them nor do we have any pressure of completion of the task in certain limit of time, we respire freely.

I love to walk in the wet sands of the shores in the evening dusk when the sun kisses the horizon and melts into the far ocean…

The wetness on my feet washes away the strains and troubles of everyday in a very quiet way as the waves of the sea absorbs all the noise that screams within in its own roar.

The tides rising and falling are a view to enamor and take you along with them to a far distant place from where your mind forgets the real existence of yourself in this world.

Tuning to the favourite songs and listening to music is another little thing which infuses vibrancy and energy in my dull dying system.

A favourite delicious dish unexpectedly cooked for someone special adds delight to my senses.

Few random puzzles of word games or riddles solved  in pastime transforms me into a kid instantly for the few minutes when I am engaged in these.

These few little things of my life maintain the innocence and liveliness of my nature alive,never letting me forget the real happiness lies in this miniatures …

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