Hope & Faith
Hope & Faith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hope makes us survive and  faith can move  mountains…

Without these two pillars, our existence in this world is like a dead corpse! We tend to grab the negatives of every situation faster than we pay attention to the positive ones.The fear of losing,the fear of failure,the fear of death…every moment our life is clouded over by some sort of apprehension that withholds our progress and growth.The boundless sky that a mind needs,the deep ocean that a heart requires to extend its capabilities is limited and clipped by the sense of such fear.

The ability of a person to move beyond this thought process is not natural and hence requires more effort. The effort isn’t physical,but is a will to exercise the belief he has in himself.The lost faith that has buried down has to be excavated out.Without  belief in self,a person is like a dead soul going around in a living corpse.

Life presents before us many such  situations which are difficult,sad,impossible and  confusing,whether it is in our career,whether a setback emotional or financial, or also breaking relations.

These obstacles and hurdles can be overcome by  a ray of hope within, that will instill the belief that something good lies ahead.

Imagine,you go through a crisis and lose all your hope  simultaneously your faith, you would be completely devastated right then.This mindset can lead to the death of your spirit. On the contrary,if you just think have some hope of anything positive to happen ,you will surely find a way out.With faith the distance can be traveled even in difficult conditions naturally to reach the destination.

A ray  of hope shows the path and sense of faith keeps us on it till we reach our goal.

If every individual thinks on similar lines, there wont be people who are afraid of consequences and taking risks in life and would lead life as  they want to live,would dream the ambitions they have imagined,can realize their goals with sincerity.

In every failure lies a hope of something  better in future and faith is needed to actually make it possible.

14 thoughts on “HOPE & FAITH – MAKE IT POSSIBLE !

    1. very true ! such faith comes from experience and when we fail ,our knowledge has failed enough to carry us forth,then such a faith comes into picture.

  1. Someone I know told me once ( and I know it is not his original thoughts )- Faith starts where reason ends…
    But more importantly, do we really need hope and faith, if we believe in logic and reason ?

    1. everyone of us needs that Tatsat at somepoint in our life where logic and reasoning fail. and suchan instance comes somewhat sooner or later when at that moment we dnt have anything else left than hope! which then leads to faith!

  2. this is a great post …. thank you for sharing
    I remember that quote saying that (neither success nor failure are final)
    … it is a continuous process

  3. Hope is a driving force, it drives you forward. But Hope is nothing more than an Imagination. If I am in a bad situation, I imagine a good situation and move forward trying to make the imagination come true. We feel happy imagining – we believe that that there is a possibility of the imagination coming true in future. But after all, it is just an imagination. And there is no possibility that the future can be certain. It is highly uncertain. By hoping we tend to make the future certain – Another folly.

    Best thing is to be open to whatever comes – and when times are tough – and your mind is trying to make the future certain – just tell yourself – “I don’t Know” – for me this is the best answer to the future. Imagine – work hard to achieve your goal – but be open to uncertainty.

    I may not sound very positive – but it is fact.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thought Arnab! yes its a way of thinking and very few people are able to do that way to accept whatever comes in life and the way. If you express that one has to be ready to deal with all the situation sin life and not live with any kind of imagination,the motivation behind teh work and the zeal for many is lost.everyone needs a differnt kind of interest and reason to pursue and be on the path. I completely agree with you but only those who are confident of themselves can have your vision

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