Feel the Happiness!

“Happiness is a  gem rarely found ,even when within, we go searching for it in the world around”

Sounds true,for rarely do we find anyone happy here.Does that mean we have lost the sense of being happy or have we  lost happiness forever?

Neither of it, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder such is happiness which lies in the soul of a contended soul. Being contented isn’t easy ans doesn’t mean to sit idle and be happy in whatever we have. It is the quality of having a peace of mind with the present ,the art of living ,appreciating the present moment and valuing its importance.


Various are the causes to remain sad and unhappy,from a small reason of not possessing some thing to the big ones of losing anyone,or money ,the pressure in a job,or the stress of handling problems.

Is it then that we don’t have an ounce of happiness in our lives even for a moment in a day?

Remember when you last smiled flawlessly without any intention or a provoked laughter?

Few obscene jokes ,some minutes to criticize the rest of world or having a laugh at another subordinate cannot be any reason to happiness.It is a mere way of satisfying self that people are in more  bad condition  than you or convincing yourself you are at least better in some aspect. A cruel mockery!

A genuine smile always reflects from a feeling of happiness ,it can be for an instant or for a moment. The effect of it remains for hours.

Ever noticed a flower dangling form a branch near your place.Ever stared at it and noticed it seems to smile endlessly without any reason.Try gazing at it for few minutes leaving aside the world ,you will find yourself smiling without any reason.

Ever saw the sprinkling water from the sprinklers over the grass,the drops look like pearls priceless on the carpet of the lawns..The sense of touching the water and having a drop on your hand shall bring a smile instantly.The happiness prevails in such small things.More So ever when we forget the world around us and just listen to our heart.For the time when our mind stops bothering us with its thoughts,we try to live from our heart. to really get touched and realized from the core of the soul ,we get connected to each and everything around us and try to find happiness in everything.


A smile of a child, a fluttering butterfly, an ice cream cone, a gush of wind blowing out our hair, the waves of the sea,

the smell of a delicious dish, the look of your love,

the eyes of your pet,the droplets of water from the balcony on a rainy morning,

the clouds moving,

the scribbling of your little one anywhere in colors,the favorite music…anything bring a smile on your face.

There are innumerable reasons around us which can give us immense happiness once we try to observe and realize their value .

An insight of appreciating  gestures , forgetting few mistakes happening around, letting go the downs and the mental pressures for few moments ,forgetting old sour memories, forgiving any harsh behavior ,enjoying the lighter and minute instants of life would sprinkle few drops of happiness in your heart which will surely be fragrant .

But did you had time to notice this small things ever…

WE lost the moments to see these precious things and we lost our happiness there and then itself.Every moment we have happiness around us and we lose the sense of realizing it getting into the depths of the sadness never to be able  to get out of that again.

By shredding the layers of dust that has polluted our minds and blurred our vision ,if we live with pure thoughts and simple gestures,life would be more simpler and happiness will not be a step away !


20 thoughts on “Feel the Happiness!

  1. To me, knowledge gives happiness. I mean there is nothing compared to reading this collection of poems written by Ramprasad Bismil. Some time back, it was a book by Lenin, and so on and so forth.
    But what you have said above was the definition I held onto, some time back. Not anymore.

    1. Thts nice ! BUt hope you do find happiness in something or other if not in the small things around! Might be in the big ventures that you will be getting into now! 🙂

  2. I am always blessed by the happiness God brings to my world to share, but i am always extremely blessed and made happy by the joy you always bring to my day my sister…such a beautiful message from you genuine self-less heart! You will surely make happiness take root in the hearts of many. God bless and much love always Soumyav!

  3. Beautifully written. Being in the present moment is truly a great practice. The fear of losing what I currently have, though remains reason for altering that joy.

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