Who is a writer! what makes a person a better and a perfect writer?

A writer can be an author, a poet, a playwright,a composer ,in fact there are several facades of this personality.



One who sees the world through a different set of eyes ,who has the depth to get the deep insight of everyone’s life can  be able to sketch a perfect figure in form of words. Writing is a different kind of profession than being a writer.

A person who can visualize and feel the intricacies of human behavior,character and nature shall be able to portray the real character in words . To know life and its beauty felt in every drop in the essence of nature around  helps in creating the most brilliant and mystical writings.

The compassion of human nature ,the plight and the vulnerability of relations if felt distinctly,a writer can perfectly render the feelings into the verse,story or a novel.The characters of his novel are surreal ,whom he has come across somewhere in a lifetime. Knowingly or unknowingly he  etched the  character in his mind. The feelings which he has experienced in his life reflect the poignancy in his writing.

A true poet is known as someone who writes his heart out and about things that he has experienced .Such creations tend to touch the heart more delicately and intensely . The reader gets involved personally into the imaginary world of such a story and feels the tenderness that lies behind the lines.



Playwrights who write family dramas , epics, or about social conditions,create awareness in the society through their work.The myths ,history,traditions everything has larger than life characters in it,which are full of heroic tales. A drama,a dialogue.a conversation a novel can be created on basis of the society in which we live.

The writer in every sense has a greater responsibility towards mankind,for his words will be like the darts which shall hit and cannot be retrieved back.Hence he should be very careful in projecting an image of life in such a way that it touches the heart of everyone without hurting feelings of either.

Some pursue this as a hobby ,some have a passion for it,few have the flair of writing things,many are indulged because they feel they can change the world through it.Every writer is different in his respect and has a specific aspect in which he rules and shines. The glory of being a writer is when he is able to spread a smile on a sulking face, kindle a flame of positiveness in the lost disappointed heart, inspire a dreary soul to walk again, motivate a life who is entangled in web of inferiority complex, extracts the love out of a stone hearted person, instills compassion in every one who reads his lines, spreads happiness in the nature and echoes divinity in his every creation.



Let me make clear I am not talking about the writers who are professional and work as journalists or reporters  or do their duty to let the society know about the latest news or create awareness by providing the minute details of everything.

I have here included only about those who are from  an artistic world,who think they have the ability to paint a world out of their dreams with their words .

Howsoever a person is literate,it doesn’t give him the license to be a good writer unless he has the compassion of seeing things with depth. A formal training in writing cannot create one when he lacks the subtle range of thoughts and realization of things around him.This does not imply that great literates aren’t good writers. Writing extrudes the best of a person and he becomes a good / a talented  /a perfect /  an exceptional or a true writer.

A great and a true writer is born with a talent ,a gift from god which when harnessed sparkles like a gem.

P.S  I have  used common gender representing the writer to avoid misinterpretation and confusion.

24 thoughts on “WRITER


    I read you,
    loud and clear.

    Another open letter;
    another open wound.

    The same old wound
    but scabbing over …

    … slowly.

    You give me poems,
    my stand in muse,

    and I give you
    as others
    say grace
    before a meal.

  2. Dear Soumyav, I must say this one touched me… as you correctly said, a writer can be anyone who truly opens up his/her heart… words written by him/her definitely touches million hearts… loved your others posts too… 🙂 Keep writing!

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