Gadgets diminish us!

With the advanced technologies now at our fingertips,we have diminished the use of the power of our thoughts and ideas! Earlier even to calculate a simple arithmetic sum or totaling the money to be paid to the local shopkeeper ,we used to efficiently exercise our brains to get the perfect answer in few seconds. While on a trip to the nearby hill station or a resort we just knew how much time will it take for us to reach there prior to our lunch or dinner and how efficiently our engine will work for the consumption of the fuel!

The sense of direction also was very alert without any gadgets to guide us which way we are heading for?

The height of our imaginative ideas depended on the thoughts that our mind used to generate and frame.To create a design or to write an article,to present something or gift a person,to meet someone or how to converse,it all based on the thoughts of our brain .

Today it all depends on the mini gadgets that we own and proudly show. The possession of these gadgets is a sign of prosperity and modernity nowadays.To be connected 24×7 with everyone in the world whether you know the person or not,is definitely in..the cool one!

To use the technologies to the extreme case of using it even for suggestions is also applauded.

Nevertheless these advanced and technically position gadgets are useful to every extent and help us in providing pace to your life .They ease the pressure of working and have more precision in the solutions,but they have with the time reduced the power f thinking. The power which we used to be proud of sometime is now gradually becoming zero and it wont be long when it will go under the 0 level.


Ask a young person from the new generation anything and the first instance the person will say ,I will google it and find! Right! IT is good to find new things and get the information,but haven’t you learned anything since the last so many years or haven’t to noticed around ?The art of learning through observation is a rare one now,as hardly people observe each others behavior or their surroundings.The things that get noticed are the attires,the appearance,the persona,the physical disposition.

While claiming to be in love,it takes seconds for anyone to sms or ping a person and let her/him know about the feelings .The thought of pondering over the decision or the action whether it is right or wrong,or justified is now virtually invisible. Actions are without thoughts and thoughts never get generated due to over obsession of electronic gadgets around us.

To think on something is to have an idea about it not by logic but from the heart. Sometimes facts written in books and logic shown in proofs aren’t right or sufficient enough to take any correct decision then we listen to the voice of our mind and heart. Due to the preoccupied mind nowadays the heart seems to have lost its way . It gets astray and abandoned on slight pretext.

The gadgets nevertheless of much use in a  progress are somehow amputating the power of our thoughts and hence diminishing our unique existence!

The best way is to use these technological instruments for a purpose along with proper utilization of our brain and thoughts to ensure,we don’t remain as mere puppets in the buttons of the advanced technology.


22 thoughts on “Gadgets diminish us!

  1. Yeah, I agree with you and realise something good 🙂 when I go out without the Internet. Because I use the normal mobile phone without Internet. Since young, I’m bad in remembering the route. Whenever I go out, remembering the route to a new place is a challenge to me. And whenever I buy groceries, my mind always try to do the calculations.

    It’s comforting to read your article about this. Mostly, I use normal computer to blog and sometimes use my dad’s laptop. And I tried to access to Internet once a day if at home. All along, I thought that I’m living in a cave whenever I see people using tablets or even gadgets. 🙂

    1. Thank you Yoshiko for sharing your experience and also your views. this technological change has good as well as bad effect on us. It would be better if we could extract the good and could brush aside the bad effects

      1. I also agree 🙂
        I think the gadget is good for note taking and its graphic app because I think don’t need to carry so many paper. My bag is always heavy due I carry too many papers.

  2. I agree with you and hopefuly we will not loose all our brainpower to do things. The human brain has invented the gadgets, so it must be still working…:-) I do sometimes think, that some are not necessary. Great post!

    1. Very true! We have the mind to differentiate and regulate the use of such gadgets,without getting surrendered to them,we can utilize it skillfully and perfectly.

  3. ya soumya.. rightly said…. it happened, I asked a child which is ur fav game, he said angry birds… now a days its making young generation to narrow their thinking by not letting themselves to think as they depend on these gadgets more rather than their own self belief.. We human use any good thing to that extent it becomes bad for oneself.. Hence one should know when to use and what to use.. I think even I have become a prey.. ha ha ha…. :).

  4. I’ve had this feeling too. I was 90s kid. Flying paper planes, Playing Lagori, Watching Doordarshan, Jungle book, Disney Hour, Playing video games like Mario, Contra etc. Life was much much better without these smart phones, reality shows, PlayStation, i pods etc.

    I miss Doordarshan the most. It was much better than having 100 channels which air pathetic reality shows 😦

    1. Very true Allwin! Those days were precious and their memories much sweeter and stronger than the ones now where the comp saves all the memory…and not our hearts.

  5. I see my friends in college who sms each other via ‘bluetooth sms’ and other stuff…Even during class hours…And during recess, immediately after the bell rings, I’m hearing this phrase: “Does your phone have facebook?”…
    I find lots of them scattered around everywhere; their heads bent down and the phone in their hands…
    And I won’t keep it from you but I can’t calculate simple substraction in my mind–have to use a calculater for that.
    I believe that gadgets cannot be called so…They have become a part of the human body–an extension.
    We need them today as important as we need our organs.
    The real question is : “Is that statement true? Can’t we change it? Can’t we do away with–not with gadgets, but with our increasing addiction toward gadgets?”

    1. Thanks AAdi for being here and for letting us know the real scenario of the college today! The gadgets have become a part of our life,much more than we can think and they have the advantages best known to everyone ,but the addiction for these have lead us to a darker world,where reality and the mind power sleeps .We tend to forget the differentiation,which has actually diminished the logical and practical power of our brain.WE only use the part where the gadgets direct us,nothing new . Yes they are important ,but everything should be to a limit where you dnt rust your brain just becoz you got a gadget which can answer anything and do your wrk instantly

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