When will they realize, the people of India that a girl is as valuable and equal as a boy ?

When will they stop killing the innocent unborn child who sleeps silently inside the mother’s womb unaware of the intention of  people  who are waiting for her end?

Seeing the cruel faces and gruesome thoughts of her own people ,she dies of agony ,even before the minuscule is killed.

Rise from the narrow thinking of the false traditions and value the life of a being.

O! people of India,who worship the goddess as the deity ,respect the one who is still unborn and needs your  love as much as a boy does!

This excerpt is derived from a post of mine written of worldpulse in voice for  the violence against women.


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013

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33 thoughts on “THE UNBORN GIRL CHILD

  1. Well put.. In today’s times, she is definitely not safe. But what options does she really have? Be strong and face the world with confidence, and positivity.

  2. As long as we still believe that the son is the one who carries forward the name of the family, this mindless killing of an unborn girl child will continue. What we need is a change in the way we function as a society. This social evil has its roots in our patriarchal system of existence.The change should come from the individuals whether they are literate or illiterate as this nemesis persists in every strata of the society.

    1. Truly said Sunita,its the mindset and the thinking which has to be changed to brought about a change,irrespective of being literate or illiterate,they should have the knowledge of the truth that hovers on indian society

      1. And I think as parents and parents to be, it is in our hands to rear our children with these thoughts.. so that a girl child will have the right to live.. very well said, Soumya and Sunita .. 🙂

  3. Very well thought out post. the issue of female foeticide can only be abolished by changing the mindset of the people of all generations. I’m surprised and shocked to see many people from our generation too echoing the thoughts of our predecessors.

    1. Might be they are still running with the old minds and haven’t had their own opinion or might have never thought about it by their own perspective. It is the herd,everyone follows where the previous flock goes.

  4. Very well written. It’s really sad that in this day and age, female foeticide carries on.The value of a female life in India is so low that it will take a complete paradigm shift for this to end.. I like how you’ve linked a social issue to the prompt.

    1. Thank you Suzy. I know it will take a tremendous gigantic team and coordinated efforts of minds and crowds to begin the chnge ,yet there will be a change gradually ,if we continue speaking about it

  5. After all these decades, its haunting to still think that such imbecilic mindsets behind female foeticides still persist in our country. I simply refuse to accept that we are a developed country as long as these sick practices persist.

    What use is it to send a rocket to space if you believe that having a girl child is a burden? How is she a burden to anyone?

    my take on the prompt:

  6. That was so touching. One one hand we have made so much progress and on the other we still see so many instances where girls are treated badly and not even allowed to live. Sad.

    1. The progress which we seem to believe is in field of technology and science,but on the path of humanity and compassion,we have lagged behind ,forget our own ethics and morals.

  7. Your piece packs a powerful message and is disturbing. I can not imagine aborting a child simply because it was a girl. When I had children all I wanted was for them to be healthy. It didn’t matter which…boy or girl. Either were a blessing and I was lucky to be blessed with a son and a daughter. Wouldn’t trade either for the world.

    1. Thts very true and thoughtful Kathy,every mother should have the same thought and so should the family,but often these things are laid aside and compromised with the life of the unborn infant or with the health of the mother. Certain such things of the society often have lead to disasters . Thanks for being here

  8. It is a sad fact that is holding us and I feel, inequality between men and woman is holding us back. I am so happy u took it as the theme and the girl child is at a disadvantage and as you rightly pointed out, we worship Goddess yet we kill the girl child in the womb.

    1. Ya Vishal ,the hypocrisy of our mind should first get eradicated along with the fixed mindset which since ages has discriminated between man and a woman.

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