“REPERCUSSION OF ITEM SONGS” – Listen to what a Mother says!

Here is the most debatable topic of today which has hit me too with its depth! We are all aware of the critical conditions of women living in India where every day there is news of rape or molestation many of which are not even reported.

Few days ago there was a general discussion going where people blamed the Indian cinema to be responsible for the ongoing situation of our country.

Obviously people from Bollywood did oppose this and gave a splendid explanation to it.

The look and the presentation of Indian cinema has changed a lot since its birth where in today it stands globally with movies getting released worldwide and having a wide audience all around the world. It has been 100 years of Indian cinema and there are numerous celebrations going on for it. For an audience which is spread internationally, there has to be something which appeals one and all to run the cost and to gain profits besides rendering art.

Our art segment which makes films different form the mainstream continually strives everyday to fight against the commercialization of art.

Art in any form if commercialized beyond the aesthetic sense appears vulgar. There is then no limit or borderline too such a creativity. Whether it should be termed as creativity or fantasy is a question really thinkable?

But never the less the way Indian movies have added item numbers or similar songs in the movies they seem to be very hungry for the attention of audience. As if without such songs it wasn’t possible to entertain the audience.

Leave aside the fact that entertainment can be anything and be of any type. We live in a free society and have freedom to watch anything or express myself. All these are mere reasons to convince self and not solid reasons to justify inclusion of such immoral acts.

We are free to choose what to see and what not, but our children and the teenagers do not have the same sense to distinguish what is right and wrong. Whether a movie gets an “A” certificate or and “UA” as parental guidance, the songs are very freely telecasted on channels available on television. The beats are catchy and the lyrics horribly vulgar, but due to these catchy tunes, they become the favorite of our children who are the primary viewers of TV nowadays. The age ranges from 2 to 16 yrs for after this age every child usually gets busier in his/her studies and concentrates more on career making or any other professional course or strives for a  normal way of living and survival.

I too enjoy the songs but with a fear in my mind what effect will this have on my son and my daughter who are going to be the responsible adults of tomorrow. Are we giving them good example of being a adult who will be morally right? Not that only these numbers are responsible for this, there are many umpteen reasons including the advertisements that are continuously shown on TV. But Iam considering just a single topic here!

Just watch these clips and realize what goes inside the mind of a child or a growing teenager when he watches this! No wonder there are enough songs available nowadays online and also on television.




There are endless different things catered too freely on the internet and elsewhere, but does that justify our liking for indecent immoral behavior of our children when they step out in this world and try to copy such acts .

No wonder cases will always increase in rape and molestation when this is what is seen by millions, who is always consider the actors to be their idols !

Be a actress gyrating to vulgar steps with a notorious gangster,or group of actors teasing and wooing a single girl in a song!

This crucial time or age where the child develops his intelligence ,steps out of innocence and sees the world with a new perspective gets to see this every time and everywhere around. He notices the glamour and the glitch behind remains hidden. He tries to copy the behavior  of the so called idols of India, the actors and stars.

For a teenager, for a child such an exposure is detrimental as it invokes a certain level of misconceived adulation inside for the immoral actions.

Many have often reason to say that we should be free with our children and should give them the basic education regarding the unspoken taboos. But is this the real education, that we need to impart to our children. It is not about the people who are watching and enjoying this as a form of entertainment but it is the children who are watching and getting influenced by such derogatory and explicit actions.

Every mother should worry about the situation this creates when her child watches such a song and enjoys it without knowing its actual meaning and repercussions. For the music is now defamed by usage of such lyrics and dance steps.

Earlier such dances were a part done by vamps and the heroines always had a cleaner image to present,but nowadays the female leads have become more crazier to get involved in these thereby confusing the young minds who until now believed good should be different form bad and hence idolized the good character of a film.

Remember cinema is the real image of society and society too is the real image of cinema. Both are equally responsible for the wrongdoings in the society and are answerable to every citizen of India.

Just to say that movies are  a part of entertainment and it is us who have to decide whether we like it or not, is a mere explanation and does not excuse the people from their responsibility.

Music has always been considered divine by us. The effect of the musical instruments or the vocals ,it has the power to heal the ill and to rejuvenate the dull minds. Our music has a wide range  to effect the minds and hearts of the audience of the world.

If only we could use better lyrics, presentable dances to make it more worthy, a small change can be a cause to save millions of more soft innocent minds from falling into ravines ! 

With due respect the the fraternity of Indian cinema ,I would like to ask everyone to think for a moment and realize!

P.S . I avoided posting pictures about the same ,as it meant I too provoked the audience by posting those scenes.

The discussion is endless but efforts are always worth trying to forbid the worse!

10 thoughts on ““REPERCUSSION OF ITEM SONGS” – Listen to what a Mother says!

  1. I agree that media has become so overly sexualized, that even TV commercials have become lewd and indecent. I think its the responsibilty of all parents to know what music and videos their children are viewing and teaching them the importance of respecting thier bodies, as well as others. Too many children are being raised by the media today, because parents are too busy, or too permissive in thier parenting.

    1. Very truly shared Matrone.Indeed it is the responsibility is of te parents ,but in the present days of being busier and both the parents the bread earners,it is rather difficult.I being a housewife for still find it difficult while I come across such situation even though I am assured my son realizes the importance of the respect that others should be given .Yet stepped just in teens it is hard to have a check of their psychological thinking regarding acceptance of such things

  2. I agree with certain things that you’ve said. I was thinking about something else recently… that Indian cinema has a clear division now; commercial and art and both genres have proved to unwatchable for children of some age because of the issues they deal with. Art cinema deals with things that children can’t understand yet and on the other hand commercial cinema has commercialised the fe/male body to an extent that it is vulgar. Of course there are certain films that are not doing this but then the content of violence is so high we should not traumatize our kids’ movie experience. All in all, it is not an appealing situation and I wonder what could bring a solution to this.

    1. You said it all Manu ! Yes the scenario is really pathetic and alarming ,yet there have been films which have a clean presentation and still awe the audience with their storylines ,direction and presentation. It is hard to put a check on this ,but is there or will be anything that checks such borders or our children shall be left to the merciful thinking of the so called entertainment.

  3. I rather not say anything on the topic. I have total respect for your views as a mother, and maybe if I get to be a father someday- even I would have the same take. But for now, am not sure.
    But the post does intrigue the reader. KEep it up 🙂

    1. Thanks Tatsat for being a part of the conversation. I can understand what you are trying to say. Indeed few years ago,I too had the same thought and didn’t quite realize the seriousness,even though to some extent I did.But I was happy my son almost understood whatever I explained ,had a clear thought process .But as he grows up,I feel the urgency of thinking such things whenever I come across such songs. Even though I really love the beats and enjoy the music,something inside fears about it.

      1. Thank you so much for understanding my conundrum Soumya. It is just that I can talk myself into believing these days. But I would like to keep some of the things for future. Can not afford to have a preconceived notion you know… As of now, I am young and free, and do not have to behave responsibly. Maybe in a couple of years things will change, maybe they won’t. But it would be a fine idea to wait before I contradict anything and everything right ?

        I admire you understanding…

      2. Very true Tatsat ! Things change very abruptly unknowingly before we realize and it is always better to keep options and views open untill they aren’t harmful.For flexiblity shall is a part of life and we never know when we have to compromise our views and thinking!

  4. Agree to your dilemmas…as a mother, I wonder if there is any media which is appropriate for my kids right now…not only TV and movies, there are times when I open newspaper in the morning, flinch at it and literally hide it before my 4 year would look at it and ask me thousand questions…I wonder how long I will be able to ration what he views and will be able to answer his questions logically (His typical questions are…why is aunty not wearing pants, why is she dancing with bad uncles, why are only boy and girl singing and dancing….where are children? why are no families shown in any song, etc etc)

    1. very true fears Sfurti! I had written this post out of the impulsive reaction when I saw the kids enjoying everytype of song,which they didn’t even understood..but which had the beats to dance and the lyrics and steps which weren’t normal.Thanks for being here and reading this to share your view.

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