Beyond the comprehension of a common man’s mind and perception, the road to the mountains of the Divine  had appeared in my dreams.

It wasn’t a fantasy nor an illusion,even though I forgot about the mystical dream very soon as I woke up.

The next day again I resumed my journey from the place where I had stopped. I stopped for a moment,gasping and feeling breathless.As I managed to look above for few drops of water that would quench my dried throat,I got  mesmerized with envelope of the luminous clouds and aura of the atmosphere. I forgot about my pain and my aches.

The view was scintillating and it absorbed all the pangs of my bruised self.

For a moment I traveled beyond the realms of earth and had reached the doorsteps of Divine,then I remembered the journey is yet to be completed.

And for a second I turned around to see what was there that I had left behind on this spiritual journey.

A silhouette ,I saw for a flash second and it vanished and dissolved in the zephyr as if it never existed.

My eyes got misty, seeing the footsteps that were trailing behind me and I recollected the words , “Keep walking my child.The journey is yours and you have to travel alone,while on this path of truth and wisdom for the journey of reaching Divine is the truth of knowing self …I am with you every moment,whenever you fall or need me,I shall be there to hold you with care. Trust your faith and walk.Never look back,for that would mean ,you have lost your belief in me and whenever you do so,I will vanish.

You will have to restart your journey then, from the initial stage to reach the destination .”

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Few words from the our dear Shaheen about the forthcoming book of poetry “Suroor of the Soul”.


Dear Readers,

In the early part of year two-thousand-thirteen, Ms. Soumya Vilekar and I discovered each other through our respective writings. At that time (as some of you, dear readers, may remember me!), I was an author at Word Press under the ownership of ‘ Blood Ink Diary’ – a narrative of my inner and outer climate of mind that mingled culturally, politically, socially, artistically and spiritually reflecting diversity and contrasts of various genres in expression — my blog was polar opposite (in theme) from Soumya’s  spiritual quest- yet, there resonated and embodied an attraction for the others’ writings. Hence, a journey commenced between the two creative minds, a dialogue marked its’ significance imparting her own unique ‘ Suroor of the Soul ‘  (Intoxication of the Soul)- a poetry book prepared to share the spiritual faculty and the isolated jubilees of the inner realm. The title of the book was…

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Believe it or not intolerance is the newest jewel of this age!

Shocked to know and hear,Well! this is a hard hitting fact and is showing its ruthless sparkle around the world!

We had learnt in our childhood ” All that glitters is not gold” and so is thus ,every jewel isn’t worth to wear!As every trend isn’t right to be accepted!

Look around and you will find innumerable cases of intolerance,right from families to jobs,on roads to cities,from countries to nations in war!

In many forms,intolerance cannot be defined or outlined,basically its a person resistance to remain patient and to lose his own human value.

Preeti Rathi,a girl who aspired to do something big,arrived at Mumbai with hope of colourful dreams and a bright future. She had left her family at Delhi assuring them to bring fortunes through her hard work in her new job . But the dreams shattered ,her hopes crushed and she battered emotionally ,ultimately dying with lost hope and uttering words,If only I wasn’t beautiful.


An unknown person flung acid on her ,deforming her beautiful face and burning her skin and  life while she was commuting on train.She succumbed to injuries and battled herself to live , ultimately losing herself to the gruesome fate.

This is a news I read few days ago and was shocked to see the level of intolerance people have reached now.

There was no case of enmity nor any strong reason for such an abrupt heinous reaction.

Few people who had advanced to her for her intimacy had been denied so, which supposedly lead to such an act,is what is presumed and assumed.The case still goes on.

But is this the inferiority ,the ego that hurts,or the loss of male dominance that is slowly going our of the grip that is boring out such creatures out of humans.

Whether we see a case of random shooting by a teenager in a  US school killing innocent children,whether the blasts at the Boston Marathon involving the teenaged intelligent boy, what has lead them all to such actions is the intolerance that they have exhibited!

Mentally the mind has become more intolerant to cases of religious sentiments which now creates a rift in seconds to result in clashes and riots whenever instigated.

Have we doomed to be humans or have we forgotten that we are from the human race and not from the animal kingdom?

Delhi girl Preeti Rathi succumbs to injuries after acid attack in

Today in Pics: Acid attack victim Preeti Rathi’s final words


Its disheartening to see the world going in a such a haywire.A continuous state of unrest is observed everywhere around the world.Be it any country or region,the restless and the impatient mind which assumes to take over the power simply by exerting pressure and suppressing the weaker is the predominant  feature of every society,caste,politics and nation.It is a chaos which has deafened us from within!
The religious clerics forget that before they preach hatred for another caste or religion,they have to teach how to love each other and god. The word love seems to be completely wiped away from today’s life.As if it was only left for the romantic lovers to cite as in the quotes,as they too have lost the importance of the real value.I know it feels so saddened when we see and hear small kids and youngster developing an imaginary hatred against anyone without even knowing what they are thinking and doing.
The older generation who guides them is to be blamed for we haven’t shown them the right path.
People are more busier in earning the lavish lifestyle for their children forgetting the fact that their kids need more of attention and love.As if the main aim of living is to run around for the whole life ,ignoring the relations and the family,to ultimately live in a luxurious place after getting retired.
Little do we realize about what is happening around in our society and not even bothered to peek into the lives of our dear ones.
On a larger scale,minds of everyone have got deteriorated and no one holds a true or a consistent view about anything. the feeble minds get lost easily in the long speeches of the politically motivated ones or the religious ignited sparks.
Balance of thoughts if isn’t visible in the elders ,what do we expect from our younger generation?
Instead people from politics,religious heads have used and exploited the young minds for their selfish needs.

Every country is in a state of disarray,for every mind now is in a state of mess. Having forgotten the values and the real meaning of life,this is bound to happen.The situation getting more alarming and the race of mankind getting more aloof from the sense of affection and love…


When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?




The evening was perfect when we strolled on the cooling sands of the beautiful beach. At sunset ,it was one of  the most preferred places ,people here chose to be on. Leaving aside the crowd and the noise ,the sound of falling waves always fascinated me too like others.

The winters had begun and the cool breeze now had started becoming more stronger.

enjoying music while coming back.
enjoying music while coming back.


We came back after a sumptuous dinner at the favorite food joint which served exotic delicacies on weekends.It was always normal to retire to bed around 1 in the night while on weekends…

The next morning it was all late and to my dismay,I was feeling dizzy. Very unlike me,I usually awoke early morning with the breakfast ready and the house almost cleared and cleaned.
My eyes had become watery and I was sneezing . For God’s sake,did I catch up the cold?No, shouldn’t be now,the elder is having his exams from tomorrow.

It is always said a mother never retires from her work unless fallen sick.But to be sick at this time,when my hubby is supposed to go out on a business trip and my son having his 1st term exams ,it looked quite disappointing.

Soon I got fever and it rose to 102F ! I was burning and everyone in the house got panicked.

Usually its my screaming which makes them move and finish their work on schedule.But today I lay silent ,with almost no noise .

I joked,you all must be happy for I won’t be pestering you around today.There was a slight grin on everyone’s face ,yet they were concerned about the work being done .

Following my instructions,hubby started working out in the kitchen for some breakfast for the kids.I was given medicine and I slept off. After weeks and months I felt I must have slept for 2 hrs at a stretch.After the birth of my daughter it was impossible to sleep beyond 2hrs at a stretch for she got up in every hour.

The fever had come down,but I was still down with the sore throat.

I could smell the aroma of soup being cooked and I was served a hot portion of the freshly made chicken soup while in bed.It was a treat for me,although I could not relish the dish nor the situation.

I asked my kids to finish their homework and clear off the rooms . The laundry still awaited my arrival and I had to instruct them to put the soiled ones for a wash.

my lil'one scribbling on old movie tickets!
my lil’one scribbling on old movie tickets!


The day went on with I playing the role of a n instructor,might be much more welcomed than the one I usually play of a ringleader.

Yet at the end of the day,everyone was tired and exhausted by the daily chores and weren’t in any mood to sit for long hours.

A day ,a holiday for them had ended and all felt sad about it being spoilt.

I hardly ever ask anyone for help when I fall sick,or get myself hurt as there is anyways no one around to have a look or understand what’s happening. But that day was different as everyone was at home and could see themselves .They had no other option but to help and complete the chores.Even though the next day,it was the same routine for me,in-spite I not being completely recovered. But that was real life.

I enjoy doing it for my family ,sometimes getting frustrated ,sometimes ,bit irritated,but that’s what makes it special.

But I guess a day when they switched over the role,they must have understood the fact that a mother never retires nor holidays,its work for her 24×7…


Daily Prompt: Take Care.



A realm ,a place which would provide comfort to my senses,soothe my apprehensive mind and rejuvenate my being would be the perfect destination of a holiday for me!

Thousands advertisements pop up everytime I start my desktop trying to lure me on to their fascinating places having exotic beach and a five star treatment awaiting or an adventurous trip to an island through a cruise .

An offer so hard to resist where I get one night free boarding and lodging along with exclusive tour to the local places attracts me to hundreds of such places, Seychelles,Greece, Malaysia ..Nay! Iam confused !

What do I actually want ! An action packed tight scheduled adventurous trip or a relaxing siesta on a quiet beach…

Iam sure Robinson Crusoe would never had got such problem in choosing his destination ,nor Huckleberry Finn!

The picturesque images carry me to the places in an instant and I can really feel the atmosphere of the tour then and there itself.But lo! I have to know how jingles can we afford to spend on such a journey!

Half of the selected list thus gets scratched out owing to their exotic prices! 🙂

Few get deleted due to the season there which we aren’t comfortable in!

Leaving apart one or two ,there is ideally no choice left for having a wonderful vacation.

 But wait ,who said these are the only places where we can have a memorable time! There weren’t any such tourist destinations known to us earlier nor any ads popping every second!

We still went out to exotic destinations… which were undiscovered,hidden and untouched by the cruel hands of human…. And what days were they! an adventure in a nearby forest, an impulsive trip to an unknown destination. A car journey of 1000kms without any bookings nor schedule…


Just to get a bag packed with essential belongings,few snacks stacked well with juice and water cans…the fuel tank filled , tyre pressures checked and we hopped inside to go for an exciting tour!

The tourist trap of ads never affected then,nor can it now!

For the mind wants to rest for a while and the heart loves to sit beside!

Every bit of nature fascinates when both of them are relaxed and fine!

IMG_0295 IMG_0300

I personally love to go on car rides to far distances with my family,the favourite music playing and the giggling of kids along!

A stopover at a lonely beach ,the sunset watched through the car window while driving to the destination…


The pitch dark night silently singing tunes with the stars along the road…

A sumptuous dinner on a local restaurant along the highway! What else one can dream of!

By midnight when we have actually got tired of switching in  place of driver ,the urge of finding a quiet motel …

The icing on the cake is there when we find a beautiful resort or a motel with surprisingly good amenities!

The cuddling of everyone in a single bed after a hectic traveling , this is the perfect holiday for me with smiles worth waiting and watching!

Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap.