A realm ,a place which would provide comfort to my senses,soothe my apprehensive mind and rejuvenate my being would be the perfect destination of a holiday for me!

Thousands advertisements pop up everytime I start my desktop trying to lure me on to their fascinating places having exotic beach and a five star treatment awaiting or an adventurous trip to an island through a cruise .

An offer so hard to resist where I get one night free boarding and lodging along with exclusive tour to the local places attracts me to hundreds of such places, Seychelles,Greece, Malaysia ..Nay! Iam confused !

What do I actually want ! An action packed tight scheduled adventurous trip or a relaxing siesta on a quiet beach…

Iam sure Robinson Crusoe would never had got such problem in choosing his destination ,nor Huckleberry Finn!

The picturesque images carry me to the places in an instant and I can really feel the atmosphere of the tour then and there itself.But lo! I have to know how jingles can we afford to spend on such a journey!

Half of the selected list thus gets scratched out owing to their exotic prices! 🙂

Few get deleted due to the season there which we aren’t comfortable in!

Leaving apart one or two ,there is ideally no choice left for having a wonderful vacation.

 But wait ,who said these are the only places where we can have a memorable time! There weren’t any such tourist destinations known to us earlier nor any ads popping every second!

We still went out to exotic destinations… which were undiscovered,hidden and untouched by the cruel hands of human…. And what days were they! an adventure in a nearby forest, an impulsive trip to an unknown destination. A car journey of 1000kms without any bookings nor schedule…


Just to get a bag packed with essential belongings,few snacks stacked well with juice and water cans…the fuel tank filled , tyre pressures checked and we hopped inside to go for an exciting tour!

The tourist trap of ads never affected then,nor can it now!

For the mind wants to rest for a while and the heart loves to sit beside!

Every bit of nature fascinates when both of them are relaxed and fine!

IMG_0295 IMG_0300

I personally love to go on car rides to far distances with my family,the favourite music playing and the giggling of kids along!

A stopover at a lonely beach ,the sunset watched through the car window while driving to the destination…


The pitch dark night silently singing tunes with the stars along the road…

A sumptuous dinner on a local restaurant along the highway! What else one can dream of!

By midnight when we have actually got tired of switching in  place of driver ,the urge of finding a quiet motel …

The icing on the cake is there when we find a beautiful resort or a motel with surprisingly good amenities!

The cuddling of everyone in a single bed after a hectic traveling , this is the perfect holiday for me with smiles worth waiting and watching!

Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap.


This week deviating from my usual writing about thoughts of life, career,state of mind,I would like to give some glimpses of different facades of culture as a part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture.

Culture defines a person, clan and a nation. Over the centuries we have come across interesting cultures which add glory to our history and traditions.

Respecting every culture is a way of showing respect towards humanity . These  photographs will take you across different countries in a quick journey from Srilanka,to India,from Malaysia to Thailand,from United Arab emirates to Turkey. All exhibiting the glorious culture of their country and place.

Bandar Kuala lumpur
Bandar Kuala lumpur


Temple in India
Hagya sofia ,Istanbul
Hagya sofia ,Istanbul
prehistoric church,Turkey


 Buddha in Srilanka
Buddha in Srilanka
Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque
Thai temple
Thai temple


In diversity lies the beauty of creation and different cultures add colours to every civilization.