The birth of ” Revolutionary Pens ” is for an unified purpose of the revolutionary artists around the world to create a world free from hatred, violence, discrimination, terrorism, politicization and transform it into a peaceful and humane world.
Artists across the globe are invited to share their respective thought provoking works here. It doesn’t lend any platform to artworks which include derogation, abuse of any form , nudity, violence , indifference, discrimination and lastly but not least plagiarism in their works.


Revolutionary pens  welcomes all artists across the geographical borders  to join hands in an endeavour of creating a better and peaceful universe through the mighty power of their respective revolutionary thoughts.

The group considers Humanity as the only religion of world and  writings , narratives, poems, articles and non fictions should be posted which ignite the dead thoughts and instigate introspection to bring about a desired change in life, people, society, nation or world. Any kind of artwork is  welcomed which falls in compliance to the above categories.


Amidst the world of chaotic noise and bouts of hatred , we the people of this world live in cocoon to free ourselves from these pangs and detach by ignoring the situation of the world. Issues are plenty ,but every problem shows the lack of inhumaneness in character and nature.
How has mankind moved in such a direction ,where we forget ,that we are humans and not cannibals or animals?
Strike a dialogue with others with your thought provoking notes, articles, poems, paintings, creations,photographs, editorials .
The group intends to bring together like minded artists and creators across the globe while creating a bond between each one of us to spread the word of peace and harmony through their respective works.
“A problem is a problem, will be a problem unless we don’t’ act upon it! “


Join The cause here “REVOLUTIONARY PENS”

4 thoughts on “REVOLUTIONARY PENS-A crusade

  1. We are living in dangerous time when freedom of expression is increasingly under threat by bigots and haters. High time for creative artists to voice out through this wonderful initiative. Voice of dissent matters!

    1. Yes Vishal. The freedom of expression is important and more soever for the sake of humanity.Its not inhumane to speak on those terms. We should have the conscience for voicing and putting efforts together to bring harmony and peace in this world

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