A perspective can change everything. A particular situation can have different meaning for different people.




A painter exclaims, “Wow! What an amazing contrast of colors in life”.

A scientist deduces,” This is the basic fundamental of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. We should learn all the pros and cons from this bird’s flight, before designing a better aircraft.”

A poet wonders, “What a beauty, the scene depicts, the bird soaring amidst clouds trying to reach the peak.”

A woman sings, “Oh! How I wish I could fly as high as the bird with my wings spread by, without any destination.”

A politician screams, “Ah! That silly bird, how far does it think it can fly. It doesn’t know me, what can I do to the blue sky.”

A prisoner laments, “Hope I get to see the clouds moving and can fly freely as this bird under the open sky.”

A hunter whispers, “O!  an easy prey for me today. Wait until I catch you, there’s a net ahead to trap you.”

A follower of spiritual path, “O! How great is my Lord! He who can color the sky azure and make the tiny bird fly.” It’s his creation, how blessed I am to witness his grace before I die.”

A child gazes at the beautiful bird flying above in the clouds and smiles with innocence. It neither thinks nor analyzes but instead enjoys the moment of happiness.

So what is your perspective when you look at things?


  1. Would rather grow out from being a child, because it does not help better things up in the world. Merely enjoying happiness is not sufficient, but to ensure that it sustains for times to come is what I would want my contribution to be towards 🙂

    But of course, that is the leftist me

    1. So! My thoughts dragged you here again ,leftist ! 🙂 You always a different path and thats what makes you different from the rest. But this dynamism is not in everyone and people crib on certain situations. It is for them to realize that life has to be seen in another angle before cursing others and complaining about it always,or else the final step would be to have teh courage to change the situation and thts too hard for commoner.
      But it is always good to know your views which are bubbling with energy always. 🙂 .
      For your interest you may have interest in a journal of mine on worldpulse.. check this. http://worldpulse.com/user/20722/journal

    1. Thanks Vishal. I just tried to portray the perspectives of people . Every situation has got a different meaning for each person and every one is correct from their own point. We just nee dto understand the point and accept the perception which is seen then.

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