17th January 2013

There has been a change in scenario in the past few days in Indian politics. Let it be the new power packed speech by Rahul Gandhi, or the storming invasion by the law minister of Delhi of  an area,which allegedly was running a sex and drug racket, for which he didn’t get any police support. The sudden death ofSsunanda Pushkar wife of Shashi Tharoor after few days controversy on social media about hacking accounts and stalking her husband. Be it the demise of the spiritual leader in Mumbai and the stampede that occurred during his funeral or the death of an old actress Suchitra Sen . The day in Indian history will be surely important for days to come which shall remind us of this day when we look back after few months from now. The fate and the future of India when  be decided in the forthcoming elections will remind us back of this particular day which marked its presence by so many colours and shades of politics so intensely.

2 thoughts on “17th January 2013

  1. It’s been a bad but eventful week. Sunanda’s death has shocked me and I couldn’t do anything yesterday. It’s bad, yaa and they were the couple in love. The politicians should join the comedy circus..i wonder whether they know what they do and say in public. 2014 will sure be an eventful year with the general election gearing up.

    1. Ya Vishal,it was tragic to know about her sudden death The day seemed to have many things to offer from political view and angle too. Wish these politicians would ever stop criticizing others and start doing their own work.

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