The Mirror of Self

Some pages from the old book fluttered and reminded me of the times when I held the fanciful favourites in my hands.

While as a kid,I cherished the enchanting pictures of the fairytales where the Russian Tsar and Tsarinas flew and galloped on horses. Those tales always created a beautiful imagination in my mind and like being in the land of the princesses for quite a time.The hardcovered books ,their illustrations were so  unique that it fascinated every child’s mind.

Even though I could never buy those costlier ones,I managed to read them while on my visit to a cousin’s place.

In growing years, the choice of books changed and the tomboyish look got more inspired with the sleuth Nancy Drew series. Believe it or not, I actually dreamt of having a career as a detective for few years.

Books have this natural tendency of creating a world which is so surreal that the reader gets involved in the characters and the situation as a part of it. That is why it is often said,

“Books are the food for  mind.”

And so we should always try to select good books. Every book has a different role to play and if aptly done,it creates a positive effect on us.The kind of writing which invokes the negativism, can never contribute towards the welfare of the society. Such books are the outcome of the frustrations of a person while of that age and that particular society. As writers are always a part of society,they write what they see,feel,understand,comprehend and realize around them.Yet it is their duty to present before the world in books not a world of fantasy ,but a place of reality with motivational thoughts,the truth with a ray of hope and practical thoughts with some inspiration and depth.Such books are the real literature of that society and culture then,which for ages shall never die or perish.

Like the legendary “Gitanjali” which shall always remain the symbol of pure thoughts of the Late.Rabindranath Tagore.



My teens had a wide range of favourites from the classics of Shakespeare,to the gorgeously written “Jane Eyre”,whether the story of “ David Copperfield”or of the innocent “Heidi”.

I got rolled over by the classical literature of that times but could hardly buy those books. Whatever I read during my childhood was all from the school library. Thanks to it,I got introduced to the variety. Fortunately or unfortunately, like every other girl,I never read Mills and Boon until marriage,neither the Sidney Sheldon’s.Even though I tried keeping rose flowers inside the books as memories ,but they faded along with the prints and writings of those books.Those were times when I tried exploring all the kinds of fictions and even liked P.G.Woodehouse for quite a long time.

The books we read mostly reflect the mindset and thought process we are in at that period of time. The level of our maturity and understanding solely can be understood seeing the type of books we are interested in. It is in these books that we try to find ourselves,our character and our nature. Every individual tries to identify himself in the characters of the book and feels strongly about it when he discovers any.

Books which often provide a sense of contentment are ones which motivate us through their characters and inspire us in times of dullness. Some infuse in us the strength of facing the real difficulties of the world while bringing a smile on our faces.

Unlike my passion, which is writing poetry, I never read poetry books in my whole lifetime.The ones which I read were those included in the school syllabus and had to be compulsorily read.

But till date two poems remained my favourite ,I remember them quite vividly for their permanent imprint on my mind, “Daffodils” by William Wordworth and  “The Highwayman”.

Nevertheless books have been the silent friends of every individual and so of mine. Today after such a long journey of life, I cherish the times when I got a book as gift from anyone or as a prize in any competition, but I am delighted that Iam  an author of four books now… and might be someday I will be the favourite of some or many ,who like me shall get inspired and cherish my books and writings.

vecchio libro con stilografica

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013.

Today’s prompt: Books.


18 thoughts on “The Mirror of Self

  1. Aha finally someone who had read Russian books. I loved those Tsar and Tsarina tales. In fact that’s where I learnt those words. And the illustrations were to die for, isn’t it? I’m not much of a poetry person too but I love those two poems. In fact we had a book called Panorama in class 10 and i lvee all the poems in it. The Highwayman makes for such a great read.

    1. Yes the illustrations were really attractive and fantastic… Oh! and we too had the book “Panorama” in X ,mgt be ICSE board urs was,as was mine? and so this one “The HIghwayman “made an entry in our hearts when we used to read the ballad.

    1. Thts wonderful and Iam sure Hunger games Trilogy will have many interesting facts as you read them over and over.Though I haven’t read them, my son is a fan of those books and can remain glued to it for hours.

  2. A lovely take on the prompt…Seems like no matter where we are from Daffodils did grace our lives :)..I had to memorize the poem for recitation too.

  3. I read Russian books as a kid too. I had almost forgotten about them till you mentioned here! Are they available still. I guess not, haven’t seen in stores ever!
    Am not at all into poetry but yes, Daffodils and Highwayman are classics. You have written 4 books… wow… how cool is that!! Which ones? Do share!

  4. Ya Shilpa,they are hardly seen now,sometimes they are available at the landmark stores. I think they have stopped the publishing of such books now,unlike our Amar Chitra Katha which is invincible. 🙂
    My books ,you can find them on the side bar of my blog. There are four books ,namely,Life Inspiration to Spiritualism,The Mystic Journey, Winds of Philia( E book) and the recent one is Suroor of the Soul.All of them are poetry books. You can find more info on my author page.
    I just finished a novel and if you are more interested in fiction you can read it

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