Beyond the comprehension of a common man’s mind and perception, the road to the mountains of the Divine  had appeared in my dreams.

It wasn’t a fantasy nor an illusion,even though I forgot about the mystical dream very soon as I woke up.

The next day again I resumed my journey from the place where I had stopped. I stopped for a moment,gasping and feeling breathless.As I managed to look above for few drops of water that would quench my dried throat,I got  mesmerized with envelope of the luminous clouds and aura of the atmosphere. I forgot about my pain and my aches.

The view was scintillating and it absorbed all the pangs of my bruised self.

For a moment I traveled beyond the realms of earth and had reached the doorsteps of Divine,then I remembered the journey is yet to be completed.

And for a second I turned around to see what was there that I had left behind on this spiritual journey.

A silhouette ,I saw for a flash second and it vanished and dissolved in the zephyr as if it never existed.

My eyes got misty, seeing the footsteps that were trailing behind me and I recollected the words , “Keep walking my child.The journey is yours and you have to travel alone,while on this path of truth and wisdom for the journey of reaching Divine is the truth of knowing self …I am with you every moment,whenever you fall or need me,I shall be there to hold you with care. Trust your faith and walk.Never look back,for that would mean ,you have lost your belief in me and whenever you do so,I will vanish.

You will have to restart your journey then, from the initial stage to reach the destination .”

Written for Ermilia’s blog,PICTURE IT & WRITE.


  1. Beautiful! 🙂
    I could relate it to the recent Uttarakhand tragedy. May be He wants many of us to travel through the paths all over again.

    1. You connected to a broader extent Rekha,but the got the gist. We all have individual paths and need to travel through it again to realize and know more before we reach the destination.

  2. So true. Each of us have to walk alone through the journey of life. At the end we are solely responsible for the decisions we took.

  3. Excellent Post. Appreciable one.
    God gives everyone certain attributes, characteristics, talents and then says, “if you use what you have, I will increase it, but if you do not use it, you will loose it. Use it or loose it. It is a law.
    It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation, which give happiness.

    1. Very true and wonderfully said! The essence of this secret always remains hidden and we keep on hunting for ages! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts

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