Believe it or not intolerance is the newest jewel of this age!

Shocked to know and hear,Well! this is a hard hitting fact and is showing its ruthless sparkle around the world!

We had learnt in our childhood ” All that glitters is not gold” and so is thus ,every jewel isn’t worth to wear!As every trend isn’t right to be accepted!

Look around and you will find innumerable cases of intolerance,right from families to jobs,on roads to cities,from countries to nations in war!

In many forms,intolerance cannot be defined or outlined,basically its a person resistance to remain patient and to lose his own human value.

Preeti Rathi,a girl who aspired to do something big,arrived at Mumbai with hope of colourful dreams and a bright future. She had left her family at Delhi assuring them to bring fortunes through her hard work in her new job . But the dreams shattered ,her hopes crushed and she battered emotionally ,ultimately dying with lost hope and uttering words,If only I wasn’t beautiful.


An unknown person flung acid on her ,deforming her beautiful face and burning her skin and  life while she was commuting on train.She succumbed to injuries and battled herself to live , ultimately losing herself to the gruesome fate.

This is a news I read few days ago and was shocked to see the level of intolerance people have reached now.

There was no case of enmity nor any strong reason for such an abrupt heinous reaction.

Few people who had advanced to her for her intimacy had been denied so, which supposedly lead to such an act,is what is presumed and assumed.The case still goes on.

But is this the inferiority ,the ego that hurts,or the loss of male dominance that is slowly going our of the grip that is boring out such creatures out of humans.

Whether we see a case of random shooting by a teenager in a  US school killing innocent children,whether the blasts at the Boston Marathon involving the teenaged intelligent boy, what has lead them all to such actions is the intolerance that they have exhibited!

Mentally the mind has become more intolerant to cases of religious sentiments which now creates a rift in seconds to result in clashes and riots whenever instigated.

Have we doomed to be humans or have we forgotten that we are from the human race and not from the animal kingdom?

Delhi girl Preeti Rathi succumbs to injuries after acid attack in

Today in Pics: Acid attack victim Preeti Rathi’s final words


  1. It is really sickening to see the depth of wickedness into which humanity has fallen! Indeed, to compare some human beings with animals, is an insult on animals!

  2. You said it, Soumya! To a large extent, I feel it the loss of male dominance which is creating such perverted mindset. A friend’s mother says this everytime such incidents happen, “Auraton ko ghar se bahar nikalna hi nahi chahiye tha.” and I argue with her.

    But the increasing number of such news headlines makes me feel she is right.
    Wish things could be changed for good.

    1. a lot has changed since the last few years and the increasing independence of women too. Many have a family to support,some pursue their dreams,for some its just chasing an ambition, a fewer do it only to pass their time.Whatever may be the reason,it never gives or allows anyone to snatch the identity of a woman like this.

  3. This is sick. Some people are becoming intolerant for all the wrong reasons. On the other hand, those who are responsible to make sure this does not happen seem to have developed a strong sense of tolerance towards crime as disgusting as this 😦

    1. very true Mohit! times have changed and the mentality is getting more sickened. For the ones who are a witness to such things,they need to be shaken!

  4. Rather tolerating, People should develop a “REBELLION” within themselves and should start to learn to stepping out the situation, Then things will sure start improving.

    1. You are right ,but what is thinkable is those who are a part of such intolerance are amongst us,within us and cannot be identified ! its only when a person goes through situations of such adversities,hi/her character shows. we need awareness ,the awakening of the conscience which has just slept off.

  5. Preety’s case make me sick, angry and horrified..what kind of people reside in this world and it’s sad how this young and beautiful girl who worked so hard had to end this way. What bugs me even more is the attitude of those Railway cops and authorities where her killer is still roaming scot-free. Moreover, I decry the attitudes of many men who cannot still the accept and treat women as their equal. Shame on us and we should stop calling us humans::(

    1. Its shameful and horrible insane the minds have become and how ruthless and inhumane the hearts! Its a disgrace to see such things happening around in our society

    1. we have lost faith in ourselves Tatsat and need someone else’s downfall to be the only reason of our rise. and so is the dominating thought.

  6. Soumya…I’ve seen parts of India where our own countrymen behave worse than Taliban towards women. Oppression is widespread and it is the inconvenient truth that we Indians have to accept and battle. We as a society need to stop tolerating these injustices that happen all around us…now that is one intolerance I’d welcome.

    1. Ya Raunak,there are places which remain unnoticed where women are still oppressed and dominated with threatened fears and tortures. To speak and raise a voice for them would be good intolerance.

    1. Ya ,I know its getting more and more difficult and out of everyone’s reach. The atmosphere at home and the true guidance and patience of elders may help the problem to some extent,even though not completely.
      Iam honoured you found the piece similar to something so extraordinary and excellent

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