When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?




The evening was perfect when we strolled on the cooling sands of the beautiful beach. At sunset ,it was one of  the most preferred places ,people here chose to be on. Leaving aside the crowd and the noise ,the sound of falling waves always fascinated me too like others.

The winters had begun and the cool breeze now had started becoming more stronger.

enjoying music while coming back.
enjoying music while coming back.


We came back after a sumptuous dinner at the favorite food joint which served exotic delicacies on weekends.It was always normal to retire to bed around 1 in the night while on weekends…

The next morning it was all late and to my dismay,I was feeling dizzy. Very unlike me,I usually awoke early morning with the breakfast ready and the house almost cleared and cleaned.
My eyes had become watery and I was sneezing . For God’s sake,did I catch up the cold?No, shouldn’t be now,the elder is having his exams from tomorrow.

It is always said a mother never retires from her work unless fallen sick.But to be sick at this time,when my hubby is supposed to go out on a business trip and my son having his 1st term exams ,it looked quite disappointing.

Soon I got fever and it rose to 102F ! I was burning and everyone in the house got panicked.

Usually its my screaming which makes them move and finish their work on schedule.But today I lay silent ,with almost no noise .

I joked,you all must be happy for I won’t be pestering you around today.There was a slight grin on everyone’s face ,yet they were concerned about the work being done .

Following my instructions,hubby started working out in the kitchen for some breakfast for the kids.I was given medicine and I slept off. After weeks and months I felt I must have slept for 2 hrs at a stretch.After the birth of my daughter it was impossible to sleep beyond 2hrs at a stretch for she got up in every hour.

The fever had come down,but I was still down with the sore throat.

I could smell the aroma of soup being cooked and I was served a hot portion of the freshly made chicken soup while in bed.It was a treat for me,although I could not relish the dish nor the situation.

I asked my kids to finish their homework and clear off the rooms . The laundry still awaited my arrival and I had to instruct them to put the soiled ones for a wash.

my lil'one scribbling on old movie tickets!
my lil’one scribbling on old movie tickets!


The day went on with I playing the role of a n instructor,might be much more welcomed than the one I usually play of a ringleader.

Yet at the end of the day,everyone was tired and exhausted by the daily chores and weren’t in any mood to sit for long hours.

A day ,a holiday for them had ended and all felt sad about it being spoilt.

I hardly ever ask anyone for help when I fall sick,or get myself hurt as there is anyways no one around to have a look or understand what’s happening. But that day was different as everyone was at home and could see themselves .They had no other option but to help and complete the chores.Even though the next day,it was the same routine for me,in-spite I not being completely recovered. But that was real life.

I enjoy doing it for my family ,sometimes getting frustrated ,sometimes ,bit irritated,but that’s what makes it special.

But I guess a day when they switched over the role,they must have understood the fact that a mother never retires nor holidays,its work for her 24×7…


Daily Prompt: Take Care.



  1. Exactly Your title says it all. Mother never retire, after reading this i went to flashback and realized this is what my mother has done all her life she only rest when she is sick.

    1. Thank you Dewang for reading this and yes it is the real truth ,every mother continues to work persistently untill the end and rests only when she is ill.

  2. hey, howz u know and I can understand when you said, mother never retires. The lil one is so cute and like the mom, she seemed to be passionate and engulfed with the pen. Another poet?
    I loove the pic and amazing post as usual:)

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