What fills the heart with a sense of satisfaction and contentment? What is it that spreads a smile onto our face?

Are they the achievements of our career or a promotion at our workplace?

Does a certificate of excellent performance brings an effortless grin onto your cheeks?

Will a certain amount of money won through lottery or a contest give you the sense of fulfillment?

Nevertheless none of the above can make this happen. Not  that we do not get happier with all these achievements ,but the real sense of satisfaction is not fulfilled through this.

The most minute and so-called unimportant things of our life ,which we have put down on our priority list make us more happy and create a wonderful feeling of happiness.

The little things are very tiny in nature and hardly require any monetary investment nor do they need any judgement.

They are the things we love to do,irrespective of the way they have been accomplished.

An air of freedom prevails then which makes us lighter and we really want to afloat high.As there is no one to judge about them nor do we have any pressure of completion of the task in certain limit of time, we respire freely.

I love to walk in the wet sands of the shores in the evening dusk when the sun kisses the horizon and melts into the far ocean…

The wetness on my feet washes away the strains and troubles of everyday in a very quiet way as the waves of the sea absorbs all the noise that screams within in its own roar.

The tides rising and falling are a view to enamor and take you along with them to a far distant place from where your mind forgets the real existence of yourself in this world.

Tuning to the favourite songs and listening to music is another little thing which infuses vibrancy and energy in my dull dying system.

A favourite delicious dish unexpectedly cooked for someone special adds delight to my senses.

Few random puzzles of word games or riddles solved  in pastime transforms me into a kid instantly for the few minutes when I am engaged in these.

These few little things of my life maintain the innocence and liveliness of my nature alive,never letting me forget the real happiness lies in this miniatures …

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