When the weather seems harsh and the conditions deteriorating,visibility diminishes and the sight weakens,

it is good to stop for a while ,rest and pause before resuming the journey!

Life has  different seasons just as various colors of the rainbow,where each one symbolizes different wavelength and character,so does Life which has tides as crests and falls,only to recede back within the sea again.

The waves from the sea flow in a motion uniform and beautiful to touch the shore ,not to stay there or enhance the beauty of the sands,but to return back with the same beauty as soul which amalgamates in the universe when the life is over.

Like every aspect of nature,life blossoms and then withers at the end.

We need to value every second of this precious existence , living fully every breath of life.

For time wasted in grief,lamentation,jealousy and repentance shall never come back.

The beauty of Life  is to be endured and not  analyzed or calculated!



16 thoughts on ““LIFE”

  1. You being a qualified engineer, against calculation 🙂

    That apart, intriguing post ! Something that I need to think over before spilling over…

    1. 🙂 Let me correct you! Not a qualified engineer but an engineer by profession. Yes science always demands logic and my heart doesn’t follow the logical thinking! 🙂 … I love the intricacies of engineering as much as I love nature and its philosophy!

      1. Haha 😛 Bhai, what would a farzi engineer like me know about intricacies of engineering 😉

        That silly PJ apart, it is good to read alternative points of view. Kind of lets me know that I am not alone 🙂 So, thank you for the lovely post.

      2. 🙂 🙂 Many are scattered thus in the world Tatsat ! might be less in numbers and they break the conventional style of thinking ! Good you enjoyed the random post!

  2. Hi Soumyav… nice post.. a post to motivate and inspire anyone to look at the bright aspect of life n leave behind all dark sides.. gud! 🙂

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Pratiksha! Sometimes the brightness gets dull and we forget the golden hope amidst the storm. Its just a reminder to have faith and move on ,while living the moments fully.

  3. Amazing! What a great ending? The beauty of life is to be endured, and not analysed or calculated? The depth of all the above written lines can be portrayed only through these 3 words I guess! An ecstatic piece in all respects, Bravo lady. Hugs!\m/ 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading the lines Rahul! Thts where lies the beauty,in the process of analyzing and calculating ,we miss the moments of life which never come back again!

  4. Beautiful post. Delightful.
    Life, like a sweet song will hum along. Nothing looks lifeless. Everything is animated by the Spirit-Force. All our efforts will be crowned with success and glory.

    1. You state it very perfectly the effect and the meaning of life.The beauty of LIfe truly speaks in every atom around. Thanks for the beautiful words you shared.

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