Virtue of being yourself






Ever thought how it feels when you act as someone else or try to pose as a different person for a while in situations where you feel you would be noticed by doing such acts!

What is the reason for a person to imitate or copy another or behave in a different manner than his own?

The insecurity of losing one‘s identity, the complex of being inferior to another one often leads to such a disastrous behavior. The artificial disposition that shrouds the true inner self often gets sometimes so dominating that it indeed forgets that it is just an imposition for a while.

The real self is lost in the way of posing as another one. The shell outside becomes so artificial that it neither allows anyone to penetrate inside nor it gives a true reflection of self. In this process lot many relations, friendships, acquaintances get lost for the rough or so called unnatural exterior.

Sometimes for the sake of being too good, sometimes for the reason of not allowing anyone to intrude through, the contrived usually feels happy initially for succeeding in his/her mission, but later on when the circumstances change, when the time comes to reveal hi true self, nobody believes his real behavior. For everyone is already habituated with the early manner of behavior, the contradiction makes them confused and people often wonder which one is true!

The nature or the wish to be your true self depends on the volition of your thoughts and the conviction in self. Self confidence and faith in self does not allow at anytime behaving as someone different. You talk with your conscience in a way to know which the best option of reaction is or disposition. The heart speaks out and you listen. The way of communicating with one’s conscience leads to greater success as there is neither chance of being an impostor nor any fear of crumbling the outside created wall.







The virtue of being your true self is a rare one and is developed by believing in self. The surroundings do not change the attitude of a person neither the stature due to which an inherent glow is always there in the persona which tends to attract everyone. The sparkle of the eyes speaks for itself, whether a person is being himself or trying to pose as eyes speak the truth without saying.

When one ceases to fear the results or the outcomes of anything and feels confident about the capability of self and is contended about his action then the virtue of being yourself shines and graces the individual taking him miles on his path chosen.





17 thoughts on “VIRTUE OF BEING YOURSELF !

    1. YEs Valentina very true it is hard to be like that,but then without challenges ,just going easy doesn’t make life interesting and challenging.Thanks for being here .

  1. I hesitated to post this. but then I said, I got to be myself, right…. 🙂
    I faced this about 3-4 years back. I have many people reporting to me. And it was recession time. I was expected to be tough, pushy, shouting, yelling. I wasn’t the kind. That is not me. I made my choice. But also ensured being polite not to be misunderstood as being weak.

    You see the masks that we wear for different roles we play; at times require us to act. Don’t they? It becomes important to remember who you truly are. Well written Soumyav!

    1. The responsibilities or the roles always demand a certain type of disposition but that should never change our inner self,nor in the process of being in that role should alter our identity.Its good you shared your experience.I know it is sometimes required to be harsh and strict,but that is the impulsive and natural way of expressing helplessness and anger.You will usually revert back to your own self in few minutes or hours.If one doesn’t go back to the original or natural self,it is the thick cover that then forms a part of his/her identity,which shall slowly diminish and vanish the true self. And thanks a lot for reading this.

  2. Loving yourself and being true to who you genuinely are is so important! Great share here. I think that if you pretend to be someone else you miss out on really loving the moments that make the days that make life itself special. xx

  3. It is a continuing burden if we try to fit into an image we have cast for ourselves instead of prrojecting ourselves as we really are. Being ourselves brings so much more freedom. That of course does not imply that if there is scope for improvement in our personal traits, we shouldn’t try to change and be loyal to how we were with all our weaknesses. It means accepting ourselves as we are and not pretending and changing intrinsically if need be.

    1. Very true Ma’m ! Iam so thankful to you for reading this and for sharing your precious view. You said it correctly being yourself is to be the way you are without creating a false image of self,but the strive for getting better in any respect should never stop

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