A confused mind is the nest of troubles. Breaking this house of unrest and rebuilding a one that gives imagination its wings and the thoughts a shape to get molded is the way a wise person acts.

Our mind is a unit of greatest power  where thousand volts of such currents can be produced.A generator of our body which provides the system the energy to execute its role properly.

A single malfunction in the mind disturbs the body and can be harmful for any vital function.As we depend on the function of our mind,so is the mind,which depends on the feedback or the input provided to it. An input which is positive , has good notions shall also give a wonderful outcome,but any information that is deterrent and negative can generate multiple such negative forces within which are not only harmful to everybody else but also to our own body.

With such a generating system within ourselves to help us in leading an ideal majestic life,we often ignore and neglect the strength and vigor of such an authority. When our mind has the capability and potential of realizing its true worth and has the command to govern the body,why do we need minds of others who influence us in a wrong way and sweep our conscience to lead us into darkness?

 Does your mind has the ability to realize the true direction and utilize its own power in the most ideal way?Or is your mind feeble and inconsistent to decide for yourself?

The fate and your destiny lies with you, in your mind!


  1. I read this concept in Lenin’s biography, that chaos is a search for higher equillibrium. As if one is not satisfied with things the way they are, and he/she starts to look for some alternate state of being. With that in mind, confusions seem like a fair proposition don’t they ?

    1. If such confusion leads to a better focus and attention to a higher state of thoughts,its always good.BY the way,Tatsat,I haven’t read any of those philosopher’s books that u have mentioned till date… 😦 ..

      1. Arre thats quite alright. Plus I have begun to realise that all the good books talk about essentially the same things. So the reading Alchemist is, in a lot of ways, the same as reading Gandhiji’s autobiography 🙂

  2. I was thinking of an ancient Indian philosphical thought after reading your post.
    It is based on the ‘Chaos from Order/Order from Chaos’ theory. I haven’t read deep enough to be elaborate on this but my faint memory suggests that mind’s energy to control the thought stream is a binary force at work, resisting its urge to think chaotic. It says that a controlled mind sends distress signals to the brain as soon the thoughts go out of way or chaotic. Your post seems to be the same line and a very fine one at that, Soumya. 🙂

    1. I am honoured to know that my post could make you think of all readings and of so high calibres.I just trie dto give a form to the thoughts of my mind, as its said,its all in the mind.we imagine,we create,we develop..everything that is created happens in mind…so it would be appropriate to say we can design accordingly by molding our thoughts.

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