Just another day ends without any change in the routine…Sometimes I think what makes the life move on…our routine or our time…We all seem to be puppets in the hands of time…

Time is never the same and it keeps on changing ..Neither it stops nor it comes back again… How extraordinary  time is…!

Right from our workplace to the industries that are involved in production all are busy managing time..Time management is really a bigger issue now as 24×7 working is getting bit common..A person is available 24 hrs on a cellphone..on mails..and the communication is  on continuously..After going through the management programmes and trainings on “Just in time management“,”Six sigma” and lot more ,we continously strive to organise our time schedule and use it properly..

All this pertains only to our work..But have we all ever thought, or tried to organise our time that we spend with our family..for better results ,more output,perfect tuning ..We never bothered to do so,as that was considered our free time ,our leisure period when we are supposed to relax..

But one question remains is we try to organise our work according to our schedule …just because we are getting paid for it or we have been asked to do that?

And if we ever manage time at home with our family ,planning things to work out so that we can give quality time to them…is it being professional or we are being asked too much ?

Whatever, the fact remains that a homemaker manages her time to adjust everybody in her schedule and still keeps the balance between one and all…without hampering the daily routine..And yes! she too works 24×7..remember those days  when your child was a baby and she was on toes for the whole day..still managed to get up in the middle of the night for the change of diapers or refilling the feeding bottle..and again  the next early morning she is ready to say a good-bye to you to see you off while you leave for the  office..

What a soul! I just want to make you think that if we can follow management programmes and schedule for better performance at work..why cant we just do it at our place..?

Reason being it brings smile on everybody’s face,children will get good time to spend with us and will feel secured .. and won’t  just dig their heads in PS2 and PSP‘s .They will be with the family learning the values and morals which will always help them in being a good human being for tomorrow..

And we all in return will have peace in our heart because we would have the motivation ,the energy to work back again the next day with better efficiency …

So what do you all feel?..Does work efficiency increase only by getting paid more..or by motivation?

7 thoughts on “TIME MANAGEMENT

  1. Thanks my sister for the refresher course…I got away from that after becoming disabled, but i need to put all my business lessons back into play moving forward. Very nice post Soumyav! God Bless!

    1. Iam so lucky and happy to see you here! In fact ,I never expected anybody would like to read this. The random thoughts of mind,which occur every instant and moment while we are working or engrossed in doing anything. A simple comparison of what life has become!

  2. Sometimes, the factor “getting paid more” can also be a motivation to work in a better way
    😉 I think both r necessary at least in ma case. I would quit or wouldn’t get into a new job unless I get a decent salary in the industry; it’s not becoz I am greedy of money but becoz I learned the real meaning of Marxian thoughts (whatever I studied in my philosophy classes) only when I started to work.

    Well, by the way, why u used a lot of dots in between the sentences?? 🙂

    1. Coz everyone should get some to time to ponder on those! so its basically a pause ..that you have to take in between! think over it and continue again! 🙂

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